Seminar Report

(19/12/2005) Seminar [D Cluster]
Professor ARIKAWA Tsunamasa (Tohoku University)

(15/12/2005) Seminar [B Cluster]
Ms. ABE Mio (Graduate Student of School of Law)
"Legal theory of gender equality for female part-time workers in United Kingdom" (tentative title)

(3/12/2005 - 4/12/2005)
2005 Conference of Japan Association of Gender and Law
Co-organized by GELAPOC

(3/12/2005) [E Cluster]
Professor YAMASHITA Yasuko (Bunkyogakuin University)
Ms.HAYASHI Yoko (Lawyer)
"On the Beijing+10 United Nations Conference"

(2/12/2005) Seminar [C Cluster]
Professor MORIKAWA Yasutaka (Ryukyu University)
"Sexual Rights and Criminal Law"

(25/11/2005) Seminar [C Cluster]
Professor MATSUKAWA Tadaki (Osaka University)
"Requirements of Living Together and Marriage"

(17/11/2005) Seminar [C Cluster]
Dr. SASAKI Kumi (COE Fellow, Tohoku University)

(4/11/2005) Seminar [A Cluster]
Professor Tetsuki TAMURA (Nagoya University)
"Gender Equity, Strategy of Discours and System Reform"

(26/10/2005) Seminar [E Cluster]
Ms. NAKAMURA Ayako (Graduate Student, School of Information Sciences)
Mr. KAMINO Tomoya (Graduate Student, School of Law; JSPS Research Fellow)
"Globalization of Sexual Exploitation"

(13/10/2005) Seminar [F Cluster]
Professor Jennifer CHAN=TIBERGHIEN (British Columbia University)
(Abe Fellow, Visiting Scholar of Harvard University, 2005)
"Conversability and Education: Feminist Resistance against Neoliberalism, Militarism, and Nationalism" (tentative title)

(6/10/2005) Seminar [C Cluster]
Professor KUBONO Emiko (Tohoku University)
"Legal Protection of Abused Children and Family Assistance"

(16/9/2005) International Symposium in Paris
" Sex Equality and "Positive Discrimination" : Comparative Legal Analysis"
(Co-organized by Société de Législation Comparée and GELAPOC)

(15/9/2005) Seminar [B Cluster]
Professor Leon WOLFF (New South Wales University)
"Litigation and Women in Japan : The Case of Sexual Harassment"

(1/8/2005) Seminar [D Cluster]
Ms. OMORI Kaori (Graduate Student of School of Public Health Policy)
"Gender Issues in Nursing Caring"

(28/7/2005) Seminar [A Cluster]
Professor Gwénaël CALVÈS (Univerisité de Cergy-Pontoise)
"<Positive Discrimination> in France"

(26/7/2005) Seminar [B Cluster]
Professor ASAKURA Mutsuko (Waseda University)
"20 years of Equal Employment Opportunity Law in Japan"

(21/7/2005) Seminar [C Cluster]
Professor MIZUNO Noriko (Tohoku University)
"Legal Implications of Dissolution of Partnership between a Man and a Woman (Other than Marriage)"

(15/7/2005) [A Cluster]
Professor OBATA Junko (Sophia University)
"Administrative Law and Gender"

(4/6/2005) Symposium in Kobe University
"Human Security and Gender"
(By Science Council of Japan and co-organized by Japan Science Foundation and E cluster of GELAPOC)

Part 1 "Human Security and Gender : Politics and Law"
Chair : Professor SHIMIZU Kosuke (Ryukoku University)
Discussant : Professor HATSUSE Ryuhei (Kyoto Women's University)
Professor HANOCHI Seiko (Chubu University)
Professor KARUBE Keiko (Momoyama Gakuin University)
Professor OKANO Yayo (Ritsumeikan University)

Part 2 "Human Security and Gender : from the Viewpoint of Regional Area Studies"
Chair : Professor OKAMOTO Mitsuo (Hiroshima Shudo University)
Discussant : KUROKI Hidemitsu (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Professor YAMAGISHI Tomoko (Meiji University)
Professor TODA Makiko (Tenri University)
Professor KARATANI Rieko (Kyushu University)

*Coordinator : Professor TOSA Hiroyuki (Kobe University)

(26/5/2005) Seminar [C Cluster]
Ms. MICHI Ayumi (Lawyer, Japan Federation of Bar Associations, / Research Office for Judicial Reform)
"Professional and Practical Ability for Family Law Cases : Divorce Cases with Domestic Violence and Abuse"

(19/5/2005) Seminar [F Cluster]
Ms. OZAKI Hiromi (COE Research Assistant, Graduate School of Education)
"The Concept of "Educated Person" Proposed by Jane Roland Martin : Rethinking of the Theory of Educational Goal"
Dr. INUZUKA Noriko (COE Fellow)
"State Feminism and University Reform"

(28/4/2005) Seminar [C Cluster]
Professor MIZUNO Noriko (Tohoku University)
"Family Law Perspective of Artificial Insemination Using Freezed Sperms of Deceased Husband"

(24/3/2005) [C Cluster]
Professor KAJIMURA Taichi (Waseda University)
"Japanese Family Law and Dr. NAKAGAWA's Work"

(15/3/2005) [D Cluster]
Ms. YANO Emi (COE Fellow, Tohoku University)
"A Comparative Study of Swedish and Japanese Domestic Violence Policies"
Mr. SHIRAI Satoshi (Teaching Assistant)
"Criminal Prosecution in Domestic Violence Cases: 'No-Drop' Policies (in U.S.) and Japanese Criminal Justice System"

(1/3/2005) [C Cluster]
Professor HATANO Hiroki (Osaka University)
"Spouses' Title to Succession in France"

(15/2/2005) [D Cluster]
Professor NAKASATOMI Hiroshi (Fukushima University)
"Pornography and Legal Regulation : from the Viewpoint of Gender"

(3/2/2005) [C Cluster]
Professor WATANABE Yasuhiko (Tohokugakuin University)
"Legal Protection of Same Sex Couples"

(28/1/2005) [A Cluster]
Professor OGAI Tokuko (Brigham Young University)
"Did women change the Politics? : Gender and Politics in Japan and USA"

(26/1/2005) [D Cluster]
Ms. HAYAKAWA Nozomi (COE TA, Tohoku University)
"Dr. Dworkin's Arguments on Interpretation of Reproductive Health Rights"
Mr. SATO Yuichiro (COE RA, Tohoku University)
"Reproductive Freedom in Japanese and French Constitutional Theory"

(20/1/2005) [F Cluster]
Professor SUEMATSU Kazuko (School of Economics and Management)
"Gender Education in Multicultural Society : In Case of University Elementary School"
Mr. OKUI Genri (Graduate Student, School of Education)
"The Theory of Education in John Stuart Mill, The Subjection of Women"
Mr. SATO Takaki (Graduate Student, School of Education)
"The Idea of 'Individuality' and 'Motherhood' developed in the New Education Movement in Taisho Era (Taisho Jiyu Kyoiku)"

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