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Tohoku Law Review Vol.9 (March 2021) (in Japanese)

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and Failure of Law KABASHIMA Hiroshi
Analysis of Theoretical Arguments on Qualifying the Seller's Title Brought About by the Reservation Agreement under the Bankruptcy Law UNO Akito
Study of Foreign Cases
Consideration on the Requirement that the Domestic Measures of Interference to Remove the Child from His or Her Parents Violate the Right to Respect for the Family Life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights ZHAO Wenjing
Case Comments
Whether and How the Special Provision for Simultaneous Injury Is Applied to an Aftercomer in What Is Called a Successive Complicity Case SAKASHITA Yosuke
Claims for Damages against the State due to Forced Labor by Chinese Nationals Were Not Accepted KINOSHITA Seigo

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