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This is a sample of web page for those who are interested in American law.
If you are a lawyer and can use WWW browsers, this home page can serve as a useful starting point. (Have fun!)

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U.S. Supreme Court and Other Federal Courts 

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Federal Law Materials 

  • FedLaw [www.thecre.com]
    FedLaw --- Federal Laws and Regulations

United States Code (U.S.C.)

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

Federal Register

GPO (Government Publishing Office)

  • GPO[www.gpo.gov]

Justice Department

Constitution / Civil Rights / Administrative Law / Tax Law 

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Uniform Laws

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Civil Procedure

Contracts, Torts, Property and Consumer Protection

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Law Journals

  1. SSRN Abstract Search [papers.ssrn.com]
  2. Google Scholar in English [scholar.google.com]
  3. Jotwell [jotwell.com]
  4. Infotrieve [www.infotrieve.com]
  5. University Law Review Project [www.lawreview.org]
  6. Full Text Index for Law Journals [www.washlaw.edu]
  7. Law Journals and Publications (Internet Legal Research Guide) [www.ilrg.com]
  8. Law Library Research Guides:Index of Law-Related E-Journals and Periodicals [law.usc.edu]
  9. FindLaw Professionals [profs.findlaw.com]

Law Schools / Legal Education

Other Sources of Reference

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  • CataLaw [www.Catalaw.com] --- the catalog of catalogs of law on Internet
  • LawGuru.com [www.lawguru.com] --- Search on more than 250 legal search engines and tools