Seminar Report

18 December, 2006, Symposium
"Dwindling Birthrate, Aging Society, and Gender Equality"
Organised by the Science Council of Japan
Co-organised by Tohoku, Hirosaki, Miyagi-Kyouiku, Akita, Yamagata, Fukushima, Miyagi, Tohoku-Gakuin Universities, and the Tohoku Support Division, the Science Council of Japan
* The GELAPOC engages this symposium as a supporter.
Venue: Sendai Kokusai Hotel (Sendai City)

Welcome by Prof. KANAZAWA, Ichiro, Chair of the SCJ
Keynote addresses by Prof. INOGUCHI, Kuniko (Sophia University and former Minister of Gender Equality)
Prof. ASAKURA, Mutsuko (Waseda University)
Panel Discussion
Chair: Prof. TSUJIMURA, Miyoko (Tohoku University)
Panelists: Prof. ASAKURA, Mutsuko
Prof. INOGUCHI, Kuniko
Ms. USHIO, Yoko (Fujisaki Institute for Comfortable Life)
Prof. Emeritus. OGINO, Hiroshi (Head of the Miyagi Center, The University of the Air)
Prof. HARA, Junsuke (Tohoku University)
Associate Prof. YOSHIDA, Hiroshi (Tohoku University)

Thursday 16, November, 2006, 15:00-, Seminar [C Cluster]
Presenter: LEE Sun Hee (COE Fellow)
Venue: Conference Room (11F), Humanity and Social Science Building, Kawauchi, Campus

Monday 13, November, 2006, 15:00-, Symposium
"The Academic Frontier of Olympe de Gouges"
Co-Organised with Centre de Documentation Franco-japonais sur les Femmes
Presenters :
Prof. Christine Fauré (Directrice de Recherches au CNRS)
Prof. Miyoko Tsujimura (Tohoku University)
Associate Prof. Takahide Tahara (Mejiro University)
Lecturer Tomoko Takase (Meiji University)
Visiting Associate Prof. Isabelle Giraudou (Tohoku University)

Monday 30, October, 2006. 14:00-17:00, Symposium
"Gender Perspective and the future of Academism and Society"
Welcome by Prof. EHARA, Yumiko (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Presentations from Prof. TSUJIMURA, Miyoko (Tohoku University)
Prof. OSAWA, Mari (the University of Tokyo)
Dr. WATANABE, Miyoko (Toshiba Social Infrastructure Systems Company)
Prof. NAKAMICHI, Hitomi (Ehime University)
Comments from Prof. emeritus SAKURAI Mariko (the University of Tokyo)
Prof. KAWAGUCHI, Akira (Doshisha University)
Visiting Prof. TOYAMA, Yoshikazu (Japan Women's University)
Coordinator Prof. HIMEOKA, Toshiko (University of Tsukuba)

Saturday 14, October, 2006. 14:00-17:00, Symposium
"Gender Equality in Natural Science Studies"
Venue: El Sora Sendai (AER Building 28F), Sendai City
Welcome by Vice President NOYA Kei-ichi (Tohoku University)

Part I / Presentations from
Prof. KOTANI, Motoko (Tohoku University)
Prof. ISHII, Keiko (Tohoku University)
Associate Prof. MATSUSHIMA, Kisa (Tohoku University)
Prof. TSUJIMURA, Miyoko (Tohoku University)
Part II / Free Discussions

Sunday 1, October, 2006. 10:00-17:30, Symposium
"National Symposium for Gender Equality in Miyagi"

Venue: Aer Building 5F Hall (Main Panel Discussion)
28F El Sora Sendai (Panels 3,4,5)
141 Building El Park Sendai (Panels 1,2,6)
Timetable: Six Panels 10:00-12:30
* The GELAPOC participated this event as a supporter and especially by chairing two panels, Panel One and Six
Panel Theme One "Further Promotion of Women's Participation in Politics", Chaired by Prof. TSUJIMURA, Miyoko
Theme Six "Peace and Human Rights", Chaired by Prof. YAMAMOTO, Hajime
Main Panel Discussions 13:30-17:30

Thursday 20, July, 2006, 15:00-, Seminar [C Cluster]
"Elder Care and Emotional Labor from a Civil Law Perspective"
Presenter : Ms. Lee Sihn Gem (Graduate Student of Law; COE Research Assistant)
Venue : Conference Room(2F), Law Dept. Building, Kawauchi Campus

Friday 14 July, 2006, 16:30-17:30, International Seminar
"Citizenship, Diversity and Gender: Japan, Canada, and France in Comparative Perspective "

"Unions and the Challenge of Feminism: evolution or the stagnation of a discourse?"
by Dr. Margaret Maruani (Research Group on Gender and the Labour Market in Europe, MAGE, France)
"Urban Crises and Participatory Democracy in France"
by Dr. Henri Ray (Research Centre on Political Research. CEVIPOF, France)
Professor Hajime Yamamoto (Tohoku University)
Visiting Associate Professor Isabelle Giraudou (Tohoku University)

Tuesday 4 July, 2006, 14:30-17:30, International Seminar
"Citizenship, Diversity and Gender: Japan, Canada, and France in Comparative Perspective "

" The Administration of Diversity and Gender in Canadian Cities"
by Professor Caroline Andrew (University of Ottawa)/
"Women's Political Representation in the Canadian House of Commons and the Quebec National Assembly"
by Professor Manon Trembley (University of Ottawa)
"Women's Political Participation in Japan" by Professor Miyoko Tsujimura (Tohoku University)
"Citizenship and Linguistic Policies in Canada in an Era of Globalization"
by Professor Linda Cardinal (University of Ottawa)
"Gender Perspectives on Cross-Border Child Abductions between Canada and Japan"
by Associate Professor Yuko Nishitani (Tohoku University)
Lecturer Juni'chiro Koji (University of Ottawa)
Visiting Professor Isabelle Giraudou (Tohoku University)
Professor Toshita Ueki (Tohoku University)

Thursday 29 June, 2006, 16:30-18:00, Seminar [D Cluster]
"The Legal Rights of Victims of Sexual Violence in the Korean Legal System"
Presenter : Ms. Soh Eun Young (Graduate Student, School of Law; COE Research Assistant)
Venue : Conference Room (11F), Social Science Building, Kawauchi Campus

Friday 16 June, 2006, 16:30-19:00, Seminar [Cluster A]
"Analysis of the 2005 Nationwide Survey on Attitudes Towardsthe Roles of Men and Women in Politics and Society"
Presenters :
Prof. IWAMOTO, Misako (Mie University, Mie)
Prof. YAMADA, Masahiro (Kwansei Gakuin University, Hyogo)
Prof. KAWATO, Sadafumi (Tohoku University)
Prof. MASUYAMA, Mikitaka (Keio University, Tokyo)
Venue : Conference Room (2F), Law Dept. Building, Kawachi Campus

Thursday 8 June, 2006, 16:30-18:00, Seminar [Theory Division]
"Republicanism, Feminism and Representative Democracy: Re-inventing the Foundations of Liberty"
Presenter : Ms. Jackie STEELE (University of Ottawa; COE Visiting Researcher)
Venue : Seminar Room 201 (2F), Social Science Building, Kawauchi Campus

(30/3/2006) Seminar [F Cluster]
Ms. OZAKI Hiromi (Graduate Student of School of Education, COE RA)
"Confusion and Problem of Gender Free Education : From the perspective of a theory of educational goal"
Mr. WATABE Yoshiki (Graduate Student of School of Education)
"A Consideration of Possibility of <Home> Concept in Education"
Prof. MATSUSHIMA Kisa (School of Engineering)
"The Minority within Minorities : Women in Mechanical Engineering Education and Research"

(16/3/2006) Seminar [F Cluster]
Ms. MUROI Reiko (Graduate Student of School of Education)
"Vers les études de la réception des idées de Rousseau sur les femmes par les Japonais (es) das les anneés 70 et 80 : <Théorie de la Réception> et son application aux études Rousseau en France"
Mr. HIROMATSU Isao (Graduate Student of School of Arts and Letters)
"Gender in francophone postcolonial society"

(10/2/2006) The 100th Anniversary Seminar of Tohoku University
"Scientific Quest for Living, Aging and Dying"

Organizer : Tohoku University and Nihon Keizai Shimbun
Co-organizer : Tohoku University 21st Century COE programs / Center for the Study of Social Stratification and Inequality (School of Arts and Science), Gender Law and Policy Center (School of Law)

(27/1/2006) Seminar [A Cluster]
Professor ISHIYAMA Fumihiko (Daitobunka University)
"Feminism and Liberalism"

(23/1/2006) Seminar [D Cluster]
Professor Ulrich Von Lohmann (Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences, ASFH)
"Gender Rights and Politics in Germany " (tentative title)

(16/1/2006) Seminar [E Cluster]
Ms. Olga Sobko (COE Research Assistant, Tohoku University)
"Women's Organizations and Ethnic Conflicts in Contemporary Russia"

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