About US

 The Research Center for Advanced Studies of Law and Policy was established as a center attached to the Tohoku University School of Law in April 2003 1) to promote research and the development of high level educational methods in law and policy, 2) to collect and analyze the latest information in legal practice and policy making, and 3) to facilitate highly advanced research based on the demands of the real world of law and policy making in practice. Since its foundation, this center's educational and research activities have been supported by two professional graduate schools (the Law School and School of Public Policy) founded in April 2004 and the educational and research activities of Tohoku University Global COE (GCOE) Program, “Gender Equality and Multicultural Conviviality in the Age of Globalization” which was officially adopted in June 2008.

 Taking over from the GCOE Program which concluded in March 2013, the center now works for internationalized education through activities such as the management of the Cross-National Doctoral Course (CNDC), and also actively carries out a variety of research and educational activities in conjunction with the staff members of the Graduate School of Law. As a focal point for those who are interested in collaboration between academics and practicing lawyers and policy experts, the center invites domestic and international scholars and practitioners to participate in its work. The center's activities are carried out in cooperation with two professional schools, the Law School and the School of Public Policy.

Mission Statements

The aims of the center are as follows:

  1. To support and develop educational and research activities in the Law School, School of Public Policy, and Graduate School of Law
  2. To implement international education programs such as the management of the Cross-National Doctoral Course (CNDC), and to collaborate with overseas partner institutions
  3. To invite visiting scholars capable of carrying out the above, and to plan and manage seminars and workshops
  4. To subsidize publications of research achievements

Organization (As of April 2020)

DirectorProfessor TOZAWA Hidenori (International Politics)
Professor TOZAWA Hidenori (Chair; Director; International Politics)
Professor NARUSE Yukinori (Dean at the School of Law; Criminal Law)
Professor KUBONO Emiko (Dean at the Law School; Civil Law)
Professor IIJIMA Junko (Dean at the School of Public Policy; Administrative Law)