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"Does Restricting Youth Exposure to Sexual Expression Deter Sexual Offenses? Evidence of a Long-Term Effect"new
-> (SSRN)
  -> (RIETIディスカッションペーパー 17-J-011)
"Crowdfunding in Japan: Current Regulation and the Future of Business"
-> (SSRN)
"An Economic Analysis of the Legal Liabilities of GNSS"
-> (SSRN)
"Criminal Prosecution and Physician Supply"
  -> (SSRN)
"Another Welfare Effect of Insider Trading? An Empirical Analysis of Insider Trading Around Seasoned Equity Offering in Japan"
-> (SSRN)
「ビジネス・プランニング M&A 会社分割」
  -> Build 20070701(PDF, 365KB)
Guaranty: Where Private Ordering Meets the Legal System
  -> Build 20070623(DVI, 80.3KB)