Triumphal March

Ƃ킯ŁĆCUofC symph𒮂ɍŝłC㔼̂PȖڂ

Triumphal March from Aida (Verdi)


OBrahmšC㔼́CVerdi獇Ȃ‚̂ǁCR[XqȂ܂ō~ĂāCȂ̂CƗVѐSɕx񂾉oŁCfantastic!concertłBprogram notesCււCƌ\悭Ăĕ׋ɂȂB

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Final concert of the quarter

Friday, June 2 & Saturday, June 3 UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, UNIVERSITY CHORUS, MOTET CHOIR, & ROCKEFELLER CHAPEL CHOIR The Cathy Heifetz Memorial Concert The Music Department's annual collaboration concert caps the season at the height of Romanticism with Brahms' dramatic Symphony No. 3 in F Major and a rousing selection of famous opera choruses from Verdi's Aïda, Nabucco, La Traviata, and Il Trovatore. Barbara Schubert and James Kallembach, conductors. Mandel Hall, Friday at 8 pm, Saturday at 4 pm, Donations requested

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Friday, May 5 - 6:15, 9:00, 11:45

Stephen Gaghan, 2005 - 126m
When it loses drilling rights in an unnamed Middle East emirate, energy giant Connex merges with another American oil company, and dials up a lawyer to ward off anti-trust lawsuits. The prince of the Middle Eastern country hires an energy analyst to help him build a progressive Western democracy, against the will of U.S. policy. A CIA agent (a role that won George Clooney the Best Supporting Actor Oscar) in Iran discovers improprieties in the distribution of American missiles, much to the dismay of his superiors. Put together, these story lines paint a scary picture of U.S. oil policy.


܂CICȘbȖŁC`̕ŁC"Rockfeller --- the University of Chicago"ƏoĂ킯łB݂Ȏ΂CBɋ߂ϋqʂ̃obNOEhĂƁCȂƂN܂B
ɂ́CIՂ̕łC"Milton Friedman got the godamn Nobel prize!" ł΁B


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being famous

Econapplication WSł́CAcemoglu̓oꂾB

ԂɍsCȂSĖ܂ĂāCvԂɒnׂłWSQB˂BǂCcoreŃy[p[ǂ܂uLlvWSŕ񍐂ƂȂƁCuƂ肠炾łq݂ɍsvƂ݂ȍl̂낤H OShleifer̂ƂǁB


Monday, May 1 - 7:00

Decalogue #1/#2
Krzysztof Kieslowski, 1989 - 55m/59m
In I Am the Lord Thy God, Thou Shalt Have No Other God Before Me, the dramatic opening episode of the Decalogue series, a scientist at a local University has faith in the rational explanations of science over a more spiritual path, but when his faith in science causes a family tragedy, he is forced to question his rational approach to life. In Episode Two, Thou Shalt Not Take the Name of the Lord Thy God in Vain a woman caught between her terminally ill husband and her lover wants an abortion for a child of unknown origin, and a doctor must decide how to handle the potential life of an unborn child.

[Ctrois coleursB̂Ƃς蓯lȂ񂾂ȂCƂ̂܂ˁBmɌ点`ʂ̎dƂCb̋؂ƂB#2́̕Cutrois coleurs炵炱WJɂȂ邾낤ȁvƂ\z̒ʂɁCbWJ܂B

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Not from Taiwan


Friday, April 21 - 6:45, 9:00, 11:15

Cafe Lumiere
Hou Hsiao-hsien, 2003 - 103m
Commissioned to honor the centenary of Yasujiro Ozu, arguably the greatest filmmaker of the 20th century, Cafe Lumiere is another blink-and-you'll-miss-it masterpiece from Taiwanese auteur Hou Hsiao-hsien (it opened three years late in Chicago and played for a week). As in Hou's Flowers of Shanghai, ambiance -- doll-sized apartments, sun-soaked trains, cramped bookstores -- subsumes plot. The story ostensibly follows the pregnant but husbandless Yoko (Yo Hitoto), a young writerresearching the life of Taiwanese composer Jiang Wenye as she tries to resuscitate old relationships and contemplates new ones.

āCw0ԃz[CďMdS..... Ă܂WeBȂƂ낪ƂfGłBɁCH̃ALõz[܂ŔʂĂ܂Ƃ낪ƂBłCALo̎RElkz[̍HāCIC{oOi2004N9j܂łɏIĂ悤ȋL... Ɠ˂݁B悭2003N̍iłˁB̂قɂCu~炨̐܂15Œˁ[vȂǂƁCǂłƂœ˂݂܂Ȃ猩Ă܂B_łˁB


PS. ‚悤iu悤voȂ...j𒮂̂vԂ肩B߂Ă̐l𒮂̂́C{鑠XL[̃tgɏĂƂɂ񂪂񂩂ĂāC@̖^NNu͂̐lڂĂłvƉꂽƂ悤ȋLiÂ....j

PS2. IC{𔭂‘OɁCsJR̎ԓ̂܂܂ς‚ƗsĂLBɑ΂邭ڂ̃Rg\zʂɏG킾LBeYꂽǁi΁jB

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Yamaguchi搶̎ƂłfCOɏuE...vɎgȃf̂ŁCũfłɃV~[VĂ݂CʔȂvƍlĂ܂BȂlD݂̃ubNȊoĂ̂ŁCɂɂ₵ȂƂ𕷂Ă̂ŁC̐lɂ͕sMlɎvꂽ :-)

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weekend DOC


Friday, April 14 - 6:15, 9:00, 11:45

Pride and Prejudice
Joe Wright, 2005 - 127m
Jane Austen's famous novel about class, wealth, and romance in late 18th century England, like its heroine Elizabeth Bennett (Keira Knightley), was ahead of its time. This lush film adaptation of Austen's work, rife with exciting cinematography and strong performances, gives Bennett's character ample space to show just how far ahead she really was. "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife," begins Austen's novel, and it proceeds to track one such single man as he looks for one. Come for the gossip, stay for the love.

Saturday, April 15 - 5:15, 8:30, 11:45

Steven Spielberg, 2005 - 164m
When the most famous scene in a new movie from the director of the adorable E.T. is a montage juxtaposing explicit sex and hardcore terrorism, you have no choice but to watch. Spielberg's political thriller, written by Eric Roth (Forrest Gump) and Tony Kushner (Angels in America), recounts the aftermath of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre, in which the PLO terror squad Black September took hostage and eventually murdered 11 Israeli athletes.

Ă̂ǁCpride and prejudiceāCo[Wœǂތ͂܂ʂȂ񂾂ǁCf扻Ƃ̃MOɂȂ񂾂˂CƊSBŏŌ܂ŁCقƂǏ΂r₦ȂfłB

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walk the line

łCDOCŌĂ܂Bł͂܂... ǂWitherspoonbest actressƂ̂C܂sB

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Quarter Pass again



Land of Silence and Darkness
Werner Herzog, 1971 - 90m

Herzog's characteristically stunning non-fiction debut follows Fini, a remarkably capable deaf-blind woman, who describes the "land" of deaf-blinds and acts as an emissary for both worlds.

How Much Wood Would a Wood Chuck Chuck
Werner Herzog, 1977 - 45m

Herzog once called America "the most exotic country on the planet" for the antics and boldness of its people. This film about the World Championship of Livestock Auctioneers might help explain that statement.

2{ڂ́CyBƒݕ邯... CplCeBłSɕlCǂꂾ񂾂낤H

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Time schedule of spring

ŁCCSpring Qn܂킯łĈ낤

This course will train students in the basic principles of good empirical work: data quality, replication and interpretability Students will be asked to replicate several major studies on important economic and social problems The goal is to train students to understand what is credible empirical work and separate it from work driven by considerations other than empirical honesty and integrity. Statistical concepts will be introduced as needed but the emphasis is on data and interpretation of data using economic theory.

34300 HUMAN CAPITAL (Becker)
This course covers both micro and macro aspects of human capital. Investments by parents in the education and other human capital of their children. Intergenerational transmission of inequality. The links between specialization in particular types of human capital and coordination costs, general knowledge, and the extent of the market. The relation between human capital, population change, and economic growth is also emphasized. (=SOCI 30306)

30157. Mathematical Models. This course examines mathematical models and related analyses of social action, emphasizing a rational-choice perspective. About half the lectures focus on models of collective action, power, and exchange as developed by Coleman, Bonacich, Marsden, and Yamaguchi. Then the course examines models of choice over the life course, including rational and social choice models of marriage, births, friendship networks, occupations, and divorce. Both behavioral and analytical models are surveyed. Spring. Yamaguchi.


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Spring Doc

Spring QDOCJ_[\B[CQuarter Pass𔃂ׂǂC... ӂƂւ‚[ȂCȁH

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Final DOC

Saturday, March 11 6:30, 9:00, 11:30 Elizabethtown Cameron Crowe, 205 123m

Judicious editing transformed Elizabethtown into an endearing gem after its overlong antecedent premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. Orlando Blooms stars as Drew, a shoe designer reeling from a ghastly design failure, the death of his father, and the attendant professional and familial fallout. En route to his father's funeral, Drew meets a flight attendant (Kirsten Dunst) who insists on pulling him out of his funk and making him fall in love with her. Writer-director Crowe (Almost Famous) has created another winning blend of humor and heart.

DAlmost FamousCameron CroweȂ̂ŁCɍs\B

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End of the Quarter


Saturday, March 4
8:00 pm
Mandel Hall

"The Year 1905" - In commemoration of the Russian Revolution, the Orchestra performs Shostakovich's large-scale Symphony No. 11 in G Minor, "The Year 1905." This controversial work illustrates Shostakovich's perspective as a tormented survivor of an oppressive regime. Also on the program are Mussorgsky's Songs and Dances of Death, with baritone Jeffrey Ray. Barbara Schubert conducts.

Admission: Donations requested, suggested amounts $8 adults, $5 students

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Friday, February 10 6:45, 9:00, 11:15 Shopgirl Anand Tucker, 2005 104m

Between Cheaper by the Dozens, Steve Martin found time to write and star in this smart, affecting romantic comedy. Claire Danes, playing a glove saleswoman at Saks, faces her toughest choice since Brian Krakow versus Jordan Catalano when a wealthy older man (Martin) and a cute-but-clueless artist (Jason Schwartzman) compete for her affections. Don't expect a sweet and simple resolution—Danes laments, "I guess I have to choose whether to be miserable now or miserable later." 35mm


DOCɂ͒CnEbhI}eBbNERfBBłȂDOCł񂾁[CƌɍsCproductionCTouchstone picutresƁCHyde Park EntertainmentB݂ȐoāCBlv킸肵Ă܂B́C󂯂ƂȂ̂ɁB

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The Merry Widow

Tuesday, February 7 7:00 The Merry Widow Erich von Stroheim, 1925 137m

A radical adaptation of Franz Lehar's classic operetta, Stroheim's version is suffused with bitterness and melancholy. Pretty John Gilbert, as Prince Danilo, falls for sultry Mae Murray, playing the dancer Sally O'Hara. But Danilo's uncle the King orders the lovers to part: she is not noble and cannot marry the Prince. Misunderstanding, Sally thinks that the Prince has fallen out of love, and marries the ultra-wealthy and ultra-lecherous Baron Sadoja. Suddenly, she finds herself not a bride but a widow, and the romantic games begin anew, only this time bearing the weight of the almost unbearable past, and the arch-scoundrel Crown Prince Mirko, played to villainous perfection by Roy D'Arcy, has his own agenda, one which will not allow for the happiness of others.


WinteŕCFallقǂ݂vOȂ̂ŁCquarter pass͔Ă܂B

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Saturday Night


Saturday, February 4
8:00 pm
Fulton Recital Hall

Span the genres with Beethoven's Egmont Overture, Strauss' Wind Serenade, Vaughan Williams' Five Variants of "Dives and Lazarus," and Ives' The Unanswered Question; also the premiere of Steven Holochwost's The Auguries of Innocence, featuring soprano Julia Hathaway. Andrew Koehler conducts.

Admission: Free, no tickets required

\vmJuliaC܂BChamber orchestraƂ͂C̐ʂጵBCŜƂẮCȂȂyB

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what's on today


"Happy Birthday, Mozart!" - Celebrate Mozart's 250th (the day after!) with the glorious Concerto No. 10 in E-flat Major for Two Pianos, featuring soloists Svetlana Belsky and Jennifer Maxwell. Other works include Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsodies Nos. 1 and 4 and Enescu's Roumanian Rhapsody No. 1. Barbara Schubert conducts.
Mandel Hall, 8 pm, Donations requested

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shopping week

winter quarterɂƂ낤ȂƎvĂƂ́CS̏񂪏ÎŁĩ[~̏IjĈ悤ɂ邱ƂɁF

- Hansen
ƂBCIƂȂ蕵͋CႤǁCςCevent studyȂ̂ɂ́CxCTime Series EconometricsĂȂƂȂCƎv̂ŁB

- Heckman
ʂBEgxBŏProblem Set猂ȂłCǁ[BłCƂBォCtǁCLSLaw & Econ WSƃobeBOĂBłCHeckmanDB
ɂĂC̐l̃y[p[C150łƂ200łƂs... ʁCECOÑy[p[āCworking paperł60ł炢ʂBpublishedƁC20-30łstandard̂悤ȋCB
CSɂƂ炭CłBwhole distributionestimate邺CƂC
𐄒肷邺CƂBɂBcomputational burden‚...

- Fogel

- Lancaster
ɍŏƂCuႢIvu̎qIvi΁j@قƂǁi8炢jAOŁCuCLetters3rd/4th yearȂ񂾂ǁCgraduateLSsC̎ƍ̂Ă݂܂vƂl̑ƂB䗦7炢ŁCٗlɉ؂₩class roomB(Ȃɋtڂ̐ڑ)CeCWeberƂLuhmanƂCƂ̂ŁĆCłƂZ{搶̎Ƃ̂蒼̂ȁCƍlāCƂȂB

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Winter Q̗\肾ǁC


This class focuses on using economic theory and econometric methods to evaluate and forecast economic policies. In 2004-05, the course will focus on (a) evaluating education, job training and skill formation policies including policies directed toward young children; (b) evaluating labor market and product distortions and market reforms; (c) cost benefit analysis in partial and general equilibrium settings. The course emphasizes heterogeneity among agents and grounding macromodels in microdata.


self-selection]X`FbN邽߂ɁCOLSĂ݂ʂ͎̒ʂBƂĂCꂾĂCƂquestionnaireȂƕȂǁi΁jBq34, q38, citysizesign͒ɂĂ񂾂ǁBȂ݂ɁCOLSȂāCordered probit/logitĂ݂CconvergeȂB

Source | SS df MS Number of obs = 1398
-------------+------------------------------ F( 29, 1368) = 6.54
Model | 194.988987 29 6.72375817 Prob > F = 0.0000
Residual | 1407.35794 1368 1.02877042 R-squared = 0.1217
-------------+------------------------------ Adj R-squared = 0.1031
Total | 1602.34692 1397 1.14699136 Root MSE = 1.0143

q28 | Coef. Std. Err. t P>|t| [95% Conf. Interval]
q33 | -.0355979 .0655119 -0.54 0.587 -.1641126 .0929168
q34 | -.0135354 .0023235 -5.83 0.000 -.0180935 -.0089774
q35 | -.0686305 .0406351 -1.69 0.091 -.1483444 .0110834
q36 | -.0045693 .0035037 -1.30 0.192 -.0114425 .002304
q38 | .0797487 .0322043 2.48 0.013 .0165735 .1429239
q41 | .0029098 .0088181 0.33 0.741 -.0143886 .0202082
occupation1 | .1768633 .7285164 0.24 0.808 -1.252267 1.605994
occupation2 | .351741 .7238314 0.49 0.627 -1.068199 1.771681
occupation3 | .9412269 .7563023 1.24 0.214 -.5424111 2.424865
occupation4 | .3378645 .733857 0.46 0.645 -1.101742 1.777471
occupation5 | .3682377 .7309054 0.50 0.614 -1.065579 1.802054
occupation6 | .5518859 .723846 0.76 0.446 -.8680824 1.971854
occupation7 | .2375824 .7260803 0.33 0.744 -1.186769 1.661934
occupation8 | .4556109 .7253166 0.63 0.530 -.9672424 1.878464
occupation9 | .0253105 .7708943 0.03 0.974 -1.486953 1.537574
occupation10 | .4671936 .7227552 0.65 0.518 -.950635 1.885022
occupation11 | .2784078 .72294 0.39 0.700 -1.139783 1.696599
occupation12 | (dropped)
occupation13 | 2.241044 1.244881 1.80 0.072 -.201039 4.683126
citysize | -.0478251 .0210287 -2.27 0.023 -.0890772 -.0065731
iregion1 | (dropped)
iregion2 | .1384803 .1578938 0.88 0.381 -.1712598 .4482204
iregion3 | .0929231 .1413621 0.66 0.511 -.1843869 .370233
iregion4 | -.0927823 .1737972 -0.53 0.594 -.4337201 .2481556
iregion5 | -.1511561 .1736426 -0.87 0.384 -.4917906 .1894785
iregion6 | -.0873185 .1543214 -0.57 0.572 -.3900508 .2154138
iregion7 | .0132282 .1486268 0.09 0.929 -.2783329 .3047893
iregion8 | .0373025 .1632893 0.23 0.819 -.283022 .357627
iregion9 | .0088165 .2007419 0.04 0.965 -.3849787 .4026118
iregion10 | -.0485014 .1653433 -0.29 0.769 -.3728553 .2758525
iregion11 | -.2587781 .1747372 -1.48 0.139 -.60156 .0840038
_cons | 2.358717 .7645185 3.09 0.002 .8589613 3.858473

���e�� hatsuru : 22:37 | �R�����g (2) | �g���b�N�o�b�N


Next Quarter


ECON 31100 Empirical Analysis II by Hansen

PPHA 34600 Program Evaluation by LaLonde
SɃobeBOiMW 9:00-10:20)Ă邱Ƃ𔭌B[BVoXǂތł́CLaLonde͋NApplied Econometrics IIƂȂ苤ʂĂ銴Ȃ̂Łiǂރy[p[\dȂĂjCHansenB~Midwayzĉ̂͂‚炢̂ǁi΁jBɂĂCo^󋵌ƁCςLaLonde͐lCȂBHCPhDłȂāCMPP?
ꂩCu~[n[Nobel LaureateHvi΁jŁC
ECON 32300 Guide to business ethics by Fogel (identical with GSB 38114)
SOCI 30156 Sociology of Law by Lancaster
... Survey researchńC̑OHarrisRachinskîƂĂîɑςĵŁC1ƂKv͂ȂBSTAT̒BayesianCɔ`Ă݂ĂȂƂC͂̂ǁCǂꂩȁH

STATISTICS 25300=STAT 31700. Introduction to Probability Models.
Instructor: Mei Wang

Time: TTh, 10:30-11:50 AM
Location: Eckhart 133
PQ: Consent of instructor
Reading: Ross, R. (2003). Introduction to Probability Models, 8th ed.

This course introduces stochastic processes as models for a variety of phenomena in the physical and biological sciences. Following a brief review of basic concepts in probability the course will introduce stochastic processes that are popular in applications in sciences, such as discrete time Markov chain, the Poisson process, continuous time Markov process, renewal process and Brownian motion.

STATISTICS 31200. Introduction to Stochastic Processes I. Instructor: Per A. Mykland

Time: TTh, 10:30-11:50 AM
Location: Eckhart 117
PQ: STAT 25100 or consent of instructor
Reading: Ross, S. (1996). Stochastic Processes, 2nd ed., Wiley.

Stochastic processes provide models for random events that evolve in time which may include substantial dependence among observations at different times. The goal of this course is to present a variety of useful models including Markov chain, renewal theory, Brownian motions etc.


���e�� hatsuru : 19:07 | �g���b�N�o�b�N


Illumination has begun around the Main Quad

���e�� hatsuru : 15:21 | �g���b�N�o�b�N


UofC orchestra's first concert of the season 2005-06



Saturday, December 3, 2005
8:00 pm
Mandel Hall

Two unusual music treats of the season Leo Sowerby's Comes Autumn Time and Arnold Bax's November Woods are balanced by Tchaikovsky's richly colored symphonic masterpiece, full of yearning melodies, passionate climaxes, and poignant colorations: the Symphony No. 5 in E Minor. Barbara Schubert conducts.

Admission: Donations requested at the door - $8 adults, $5 students.

academic year 2005-06ŏUofC orchestraconcertB‚̂悤ɁCuLȁ{AJ̍ȉƂ̃}Ci[ȁvƂgݍ킹Bx̃}Ci[Ȃ͂܂Bׂ̐l"NovemberƂDecemberł́H"ƊzĂ̂ɂ͓Bށ[B
UofC orchestrão[\ƁCÑo[炿傱傱ςĂ悤Ɍ邯ǁCȂƂ̎ʐ^vlñgbv3l͕s\\concert master, principal of the vln 2, concert masteȑׂ̗BŃC̏vln̉̐l⋭ĕĂǁi傤ǍĂʒuޏ̐^ʂ炩jCN͂Ƃ͂ĂB

Ȃ݂ɁCj̖ɌCMarch of the Penguinsreally moving and cuteBquarterłno. 1̋q̓肾B܂ĂȂl͍sׂBMorgan Freemañi[VC̎ƂȂNHKhL^[Ȃ̂ǁi΁jCׂĂe̓AJȂ̂ł悵BJglԂƂẮCủf͂ǂĂƂ񂾂낤HvƂ̂CɂȂǁĆCŌcredit̂Ƃŏ炩ɂȂBȂق...

���e�� hatsuru : 10:27 | �R�����g (1) | �g���b�N�o�b�N



November 22

Chris Taber, Northwestern University

"Inference with 'Difference in Differences' with a Small Number of Policy Changes"

quarteŕC܂łxHarrisɑ𓥂ݓĂȂ̂ǁi̖ڂ̑Oɂɂ炸jC{C߂ē˓BPublic Policy & Econ WorkshopŁCdiff-in-diffɂ‚ĂƂ̂ŁĈɍsĂ݂Bdiff-in-diffƂ΁CȑOLaLonde̎ƂłȂ肱񂾂ȂƁCBprogram evaluationpublic policył́CقƂǕK{Ƃ@Ȃ̂ŁCWSŕ񍐂̂CB
Ȃ݂ɁCy[p[ǂ񂾂ǁCcomputation/programming... CĂӖ͕łBwEĂO񂪓Ă͂܂Ȃ΁CʂɍsȂ[ƌv킹ĂB

ƍl‚ŽQƂCCHeckman̎ɏ߂đΖʁBy[p[󂯂CUIȊ\zĂ̂́C}ChŁCSijBłCWSn܂ƁCBƂɂ]̉]BApplication WSłBecker̍΂ʼns˂݂̂ǁCł́CقƂHeckman̓ƒdBJnĂȂƂɁCuvɁCcontrol猩outlier؂邩ǂrobustnessƓƂĂvƃRgƂ́CCCƂςƎEJBmathematicalɉĂ͕̂Ă̂ǁCintuitiveȔcƁC悭B

ŁCEcon, GSB, Harrisworkshopǂ̌Ă݂킯ǁiCSĂ̌킯ł͂ȂjCǂȂ萫iႤBlIɂ́CEconApplication WSCchaoticōDBUԋiɁCłꂭEɂ違тE܂ӂjB

���e�� hatsuru : 17:35 | �g���b�N�o�b�N

remaining DOC


Wednesday, November 23 7:00

The Garden of the Finzi-Continis

Vittorio De Sica, 1970, 94m

During the late 1930s the Finzi-Contini family leads an idyllic life. An aristocratic family, they are one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Ferrara, Italy. There are constant parties and games of tennis on their beautiful grounds. The daughter of the family, Micol, shamelessly carries out her intrigues surrounded by her many friends and admirers. When the war breaks out, the family thinks they are safe in the confines of their Garden of Eden and continue their happy lifestyle. But they are Jewish, and despite their Aryan looks and wealthy status, the war closes in on them. In Italian with English subtitles. 35mm

Friday, November 25 6:00, 9:00

The World

Jia Zhang-ke, 2004 143m

Jia's fourth film and his first state-sponsored production, The World is a rich, enveloping film that continues the director's exploration of life after ecapitalism' and out of the provinces. Jia follows the young, bored employees of The World, a real-life Beijing theme park that replicates all the wonders of the world: the Eiffel Tower, the pyramids, the Taj Mahal, even the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The employees and patrons get the chance to gsee the world without ever leaving Beijing.h Come for The World's lavish musical numbers and animated segments\stay for the biting commentary on globalization! In Mandarin and Shanxi, with English subtitles. 35mm

Monday, November 28 7:00

Star Wars: Episode IV–A New Hope

George Lucas, 1977 121m

The sci-fi classic that reinvented the genre. This film, famous for its special effects and small budget, introduced Jedi, Lightsabers, Wookies, and most importantly, Droids. This film focuses on the adventures two droids. the neurotic jabber-mouth, C3PO, and his cool and capable counterpart, R2D2. Here they have their most substantial roles. Though they appear in every single Star Wars movie, they unfortunately are sidelined into incidental and comic relief roles. In this film the fate of the Rebel Alliance and that distant galaxy rests on the steely shoulders of the children of technology, and they show what they are made of. 35mm

Tuesday, November 29 7:00

I Want to Live!

Robert Wise, 1957 120m

This unusual hybrid of a noir, a women's picture, and a social protest drama still stands as a powerful indictment of the American criminal justice system. It tells the true story of Barbara Graham, a prostitute and petty thief who was falsely convicted of murder and sent to the gas chamber. Susan Hayward won an Oscar for her larger-than-life portrayal of an earthy, tough-as-nails party girl in the fight of her life. Director Wise clearly benefited from his long apprenticeship with Orson Welles, and the film is enhanced by its grittily realistic detail and superb jazz score. During the last hour, the tension builds to an almost unbearable level, and the ending still has the power to shatter. 35mm

Wednesday, November 30 7:00 Gone with the Wind Victor Flemming, 1939 222ḿCɂxC͂͂ȂB"If you have never seen this film, then frankly you should give a damn! GO!!"ȂďĂ邯ǁCx͂ƌB

Thursday, December 1 7:00


Jean-Luc Godard, 1967 105m

The only way to end a survey of the early Godard films is Weekend, the auteur's distinctive vision of the Apocalypse. Godard delivers the End of Days, bourgeois-style\endless traffic jams that descend into arson, rape, cannibalism, and the like. Needless to say, these obstacles obstruct the path to an inheritance for the central gcharacters,h Corrine (Mireille Danc) and Roland (Jean Yanne). Be prepared for one of the most incendiary films ever made, filled with heresies of political doctrine and narrative comprehension. 35mm

Thursday, December 1 9:30

Unknown Pleasures

Jia Zhang-ke, 2002 112m

The first Jia film to have any distribution in the US (and not very much, at that), Unknown Pleasures is another independent feature (shot on digital video) following disaffected youth from the provinces. Beautifully shot, this is a more commercially oriented film than Jia's previous films, markedly influenced by Wong. Nevertheless, the story of unemployed drifters who only experience China's enormous shifts through television broadcasts still has the near ethnographic flavor of Jia's previous films. In Mandarin with English subtitles. 35mm

Friday, December 2 7:00, 9:00, 11:00

March of the Penguins

Luc Jacquet, 2005 85min

Each winter thousands of penguins march (single file) from all over Antarctica to one location to mate and raise their young. Wildlife filmmaker Jacquet spent over a year documenting this amazing journey. The landscape is severe and stunning, as are the lengths the penguins go just to reproduce. Jacquet focuses on the penguins' extreme devotion and determination (they must make the grueling trek over and over to get food), making a touching portrait of what must be one of the strangest and most beautiful rituals on the planet. Narrated by Morgan Freeman. 35mm

Saturday, December 3 6:30, 9:00, 11:30

The Brothers Grimm

Terry Gilliam, 2005 118m

Directed by Terry Gilliam (the only American-born member of Monty Python), The Brothers Grimm tells the fictional back-story of the German fairytale writers: Jacob (Heath Ledger) and Wilhelm (Matt Damon) Grimm. First con artists scouring the villages performing fake exorcisms and magic spells, the brothers later find themselves responsible for lifting a true curse in an effort to save several young girls who have been mysteriously abducted in the woods. Interweaving such stories as gLittle Red Riding Hood,h gRapunzel,h gHansel and Gretel,h and gSnow White,h The Brothers Grimm proves itself a darkly amusing film with refreshing creativity and surprisingly funny performances. 35mm

ȏBquarter pasš...

���e�� hatsuru : 13:54 | �g���b�N�o�b�N


finall assignment (yamaguchi)


ĕ悤ɁC΂ǂԈĂBQuestion 69# of iterationsC67Ƃ58ƂCconvergionxBCcovariate design matricesprogrammingԈႦĂ񂾂낤ƎvǁBłCcoefficients͐inY...jȂ̂ŁĈ܂܏oāCRg‚܂Bǁ[audit :-)

���e�� hatsuru : 13:22 | �g���b�N�o�b�N




Friday, November 4, 2005 3:30 pm Fulton Recital Hall

Jeanice Brooks studied singing and music education in the U.S. and in France before completing her Ph.D. in musicology and French literature at the Catholic University of America. She taught at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, before coming to the University of Southampton, where she is currently Reader in Music. She will speak on Medieval music.

quarterŏdep. of musiccolloquium̂Ă݂B[ށCmusic̋c_łȂāCromance̋c_ŁC܂ʔ͂ȂBOLevitt̎ƂŁCނ߂UofC̃Z~i[presentationƂ̌okāC΂̘A(how weird guys the econ faculties are!)mŏ荞񂾂̂܂B

NCcolloquimreceptionŁCeB~XƃJm[oĂǁCJm[͂͂薡܂iNYLittle ItalyŔĤ̕jBC^AlIȂCƂ܂낤B

���e�� hatsuru : 17:41 | �g���b�N�o�b�N


what I saw and what I'm going to see

Wednesday, October 26 7:00

The Leopard

Luchino Visconti, 1963 205m

Finally, Visconti's masterpiece restored! Burt Lancaster (speaking Italian!) plays the aging Prince Don Fabrizio Salina. It is the nineteenth century, and the prince watches his power slowly decline following the unification of Italy. He realizes that in order to keep the power and status that he has left, he will have to overturn and overlook many of the rules his family has followed for generations. He allows his son to become a soldier and invites into his family the mysterious and seductive daughter of a local official, played by the unforgettable Claudia Cardinale. Throughout the film, we follow these characters as they try to find their place in a new Italian society. The final dance party at the end of the film, full of swishing skirts and waltzing couples, is one of the most beautiful scenes ever shot. In Italian with English subtitles. 35mm

GodFather part2ɂoĂ邯ǁCV`AĂꂢ... ɂĂCςC^AƃXyC͋߂B

Thursday, October 27 7:00

Pierrot le Fou

Jean-Luc Godard 1965 110m

If you only see one Godard movie\or more specifically, if you only see one série noir with stolen cars, musical numbers, a cameo by Samuel Fuller, and more smart-ass painting and literature references than you can identify in ten viewings\see Pierrot le fou. Belmondo and Karina return as refugees from a repressive and stupid bourgeois society; they run about the country committing crimes and staging re-enactments of the Vietnam War. One of the most joyous pieces of cinema ever created. 35mm


Thursday, October 27 9:30

Fallen Angels

Wong Kar-wai, 1995 96m

A companion film to Chungking Express that originated as a third story eventually dropped from that film, Fallen Angels is the darker of the two. Wong follows the nocturnal adventures of some sleazy young misfits: a lonely assassin, an eager shop clerk, and an amorous maid, among others. The most stylistically extreme of Wong's films to date, Fallen Angels is shot in over-saturated colors with a fish-eye lens. gOne of the 10 best films of the decadeh – Village Voice. In Cantonese with English subtitles. 35mm



Friday, October 28 6:45, 9:00, 11:15

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Garth Jennings, 2005 109m

Arthur Dent (played Martin Freeman of the hit British series The Office) is swept off the planet only moments before Earth is destructed to make way for a hyperspace express route. Thus begins his day and his adventures through the galaxy. Stephen Fry, Mos Def, Zooey Deschanel, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Bill Nighy, Sam Rockwell, and Alan Rickman begin to make up the stellar cast that guides him through a universe of aliens, androids, love, craziness, and the meaning of life. Don't panic! Even diehard Douglas Adams fans love it.

���e�� hatsuru : 07:40 | �R�����g (1) | �g���b�N�o�b�N


quarter pass

Oɂ悤ɁCDOCquarter passĂ̂ŁCquarterDOCʂ鋭CZeBBRXgiopportunity cost͂̂j͊ɃTNĂ邩B

ŁCقǁCTerminater 2BXg[[͊Sɗ\蒲aŐiނ̂ŁCVAXȏʂłRfBfƂČĂiقƂǂƏ΂ĂĵǁC͂ŊyBjɌWar of the World܂̂ɔׂƁC͂邩Ɋy߂BCalifornia GovernorC΂ˁB
̑CT́CThe Woman in the Window\\\y߂\\ƁCGodardV[YContemptĂBGodard3TAǁC񂾂ȂĂ[B

���e�� hatsuru : 21:26 | �g���b�N�o�b�N


Born into Brothels

Soxpost seasoni̗]Cɂ̂܂܁CDOCɓˌB

Friday, October 7 7:00, 9:00, 11:00 Born into Brothels Zana Briski & Ross Kauffman, 2004 85m

Winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, Born Into Brothels creates a powerful portrait of life in Calcutta's red light district. The documentary chronicles a group of remarkable children whose mothers work as prostitutes who are each given a camera and with it the ability to view their world through a new lens. A stunning illustration of poverty and destitution, Born Into Brothels is at the same time a poignant tribute to the power of art and the undaunted grace of childhood. 35mm

hL^[̂͋vԂiOɌ̂F911HjǁCʔBڂɌĂ܂ӏ̂ǁC΂▭ɓĂ邵Bdeveloping countryƂ͂Cŋߍs܂ĂLatin AmericaƂ́CSouth[east] AsiáC͋CႤBɂĂCred light districtCl܂łɌǂdeveloping countrieŝǂ̒nCB܂CPerułCȂƂɍs΂͂邩ɎƂ͂ł̂낤ǁiCAJāCȂƂ͊ȂjB

���e�� hatsuru : 19:40 | �g���b�N�o�b�N




u{Ł{pꎚvupŁv̂ǂȁ[Cƍl‚CDOC̃vOɁu{{v̋LڂȂCC҂낤ƎvĂC̒ʂBSophie̐(Jean ƂƂlj܂΂Ă銴ȊÓCǂBb̗Iɂ́CނCp̕R̂悤ȋCB


���e�� hatsuru : 15:17 | �g���b�N�o�b�N




̂ɏڂKNɁuS҂ɂǂꂪ߁HvƎ₵CuƌĂȂŁCSCIvƂ|̕ԎԂĂ̂Łi΁jCS邱ƂɁB߂āCDOCquarter passi$25ʼnłjQbgBȂĆCMillion Dollar BabyCMoving Castle of Howli΁jB


Thursday, September 29 7:00
Jean-Luc Godard, 1960 90m

When the Nouvelle Vague exploded in 1959, Godard was but one young Cahiers du cinéma critic with a profound passion for the American gangster film. Working from a scenario by Truffaut, Godard channeled that love into his first feature, Breathless, a perfect film filled with terse criminality interrupted periodically by discussions of Faulkner and Jean Seberg's smile. Between the jump cuts, Jean-Paul Belmondo, playing Michel the petty car thief, became France's biggest star. 35mm


���e�� hatsuru : 07:43 | �g���b�N�o�b�N




ECON310 Empirical Analysis I (Schennach)
- ECON PhD coreȂ̂ǁClɂƂĂ͌\ʂ邢ȂB1{ڂBCIIIIIɂȂƎoĂƂ͎v̂ǁiȂ݂ɁCNIIIHeckmanjBłCb畜KȂ̂͂ƂȂ̂ŁC[hő”\B

ECON421 Introduction To Doing Empirical Research (Levitt)
- ʂ̎Ɓuɂăy[p[HvŁCʔBLevittCBƂ͏΂₦ȂB

SOCI40109 Loglinear Analysis (Yamaguchi)
- ܂łĂEconometrics / regressionƂ́CȂzŋc_iނ̂ŁCȂȂVNidependent var.Ȃŕ͂̂[CƂjBloglinearɓCLEMƂ\tgEGAgBŁC莝̓v\tǵCRCSTATACLEM3{ɂȂBSPSSƐGBSPSŚC{ɋAēǩvZ@Z^[łg͂B

GSBC30118 Taxes And Business Strategy (Weiss)
- MBAR[XȂ̂ŁCynB͂Ŗʔ̂ǁC̕SdȂĂC^ɐ؂Ă܂ł낤Ɨ\i΁jB

���e�� hatsuru : 09:32 | �g���b�N�o�b�N


This Quarter


40109. Loglinear Analysis. Autumn. Yamaguchi.

31000 Empirical Analysis I -- Schennach (F)
42100 An Introduction to Doing Empirical Microeconomic Research -- Levitt (F)

41901 Probability and Statistics
Polson, Nicholas

30118 Taxes and Business Strategy
Weiss, Ira S.


���e�� hatsuru : 13:18 | �g���b�N�o�b�N



Saturday, July 30, 8 pm
Andrew Koehler conducts the U of C's summer orchestra in a program of early Romantic and 20th century masterworks: Beethoven's Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op. 68, "Pastoral" and Barber's Knoxville Summer of 1915, Op. 24 (1947), featuring soprano Melanie Carter.
Fulton Recital Hall
Admission Free


ɓe[}̋Ȃ2ȕׂƁCႢBDep. of Music̃RT[ǵCɁuLȁ{}Ci[ȁvƂgݍ킹ɂȂĂ邱ƂǁĈ͂ȂȂj[NŖʔgݍ킹B

t́̕CSummer OrchestraƂƂāC‚Chamber OrchestraɏBςCĂɃLpXɎcւǵCǂłȂBZpIɂ́CƃNlbgs肩ȁCƎvƂ낪JǁC͍iBKnoxvillê\vḿCʂ܂ȂBorchestra琺}̂ȂCrłƐʂ̂Ƃ͌ĂB

���e�� hatsuru : 06:21 | �g���b�N�o�b�N


various sounds

́CUofC Symphony OrchestraBڂ

University Symphony Orchestra
University Chorus
Motet Choir
Rockefeller Chapel Choir
The Cathy Heifetz Memorial Concert

The season concludes dramatically with Brahms' imposing Tragische Ouvertüre, Op. 81, and Schicksalslied (Song of Destiny), Op. 54, contrasting the ideal life of the gods with mortal suffering; Richard Strauss' spellbinding Schiller setting Der Abend, Op. 43, No. 1, and provocative tone poem Don Juan, Op. 20.
Barbara Schubert and Constance DeFotis conduct.

Two performances!
Friday, June 3 at 8 pm
Saturday, June 4 at 4 pm
Mandel Hall
Admission FREE! Donations requested

ƁCV[YŌłȂȂ؁B{̑wIPiႦ΁uwI[PXgvjƔׂĂ̓_i߂CJ`!)BDep. of Music邾āCv݂̉tȂ̂B́C炵̂2KȂɍĂ݂̂ŁC傤ǔwɂȂĂ܂Vn̋͂܂ǁCVlaCBȂǂ̒ቹn_CNgɕBƁC؊ǂȂȂB


‚́COɂsB.L.U.E.S.ŁB{lu[XM^Xg̋ecr񂪉t邩ȂCƂ̂ŒĂẮ݂BM^[2ĺCec񂪂ȃ\C^񒆂̂|bvȃ\SāCݕBṒCѓԂɂȂLinsey Alexander̃M^[ŗx܂ԁBu[Xn[vin[jJj߂Ďtڂɂ邱ƂłF

���e�� hatsuru : 11:43 | �g���b�N�o�b�N




ƎvĂCZingalesT܂łReferee report1’ljB^Cg͂ƋO邩ȁB

���e�� hatsuru : 17:33 | �g���b�N�o�b�N




Law School TVcƂ܂́C̎|̃NGXglցBMaroonFTVc~̂ǁCLS TVc͔ȂBGSBPritzker (= Medical School)̓oG[VLxȂ̂... ܂́CUS̑wȂقƂǂǂɂł‚ŁCUS炵ɍ肪Gǁi΁jCȂȂ悵B

‚́CUofC78lNobel Laureats̖OvgTVcB́CMaroonƃO[̂ŁCMaroonQbgB͓ɃNGXgȂl̂߁BvisitingƂCق̂ƍݐЂ̐l݂ȋlߍł̂͂񑩂ǁi珬ĂĂjC78l͂ς肷BUofCBNFogelHeckman̊qB

���e�� hatsuru : 08:03 | �g���b�N�o�b�N


X-TET + Colloquia


Thursday, May 26, 2005
Director Mwata Bowden presents a CD release compilation concert, centering on exciting performances and compositions spanning the group's decade of existence. Celebrate ten years of "getting a groove on" with the Jazz X-tet!
Fulton Recital Hall, 8 pm, Free

āC{́CAdvanced AccountingHomeworkÎŁC eB~XƃJm[Hׂɍsi΁jF

 Friday, May 27, 2005
Now at McGill University, distinguished alumnus Caplin specializes in the theory of musical form. He speaks on "Schoenberg's 'Second Melody,' or 'Meyer-ed' in the Bass: Toward a Theory of Bass Melody."
Fulton Recital Hall, 3:30 pm

O҂́C@ñrbOoh\ŁCŵ̃oĥŁCr͂̕܂BĂėBC DrumƃQXgłĂvTenor Sax (+ Bug Pipe)Ƃ͏肾B


҂́C\ʔBy_paperĂ̂͂ɍ\̂CƂ̂Bf\z i{̃oG[VWJj܂܂ȋ̗Ⴊ̃fŐł邩CƂXebv𓥂ނƂ́C ̑OGreifEcon HistȂǂƎ菇ĂB͈ĂC AJf~bNɍl@Ƃ͎@͎Ă̂ȂB

Ȃ݂ɁCb𕷂ȂCSchoenberg͂قƂNJ֌WȂ[CƎvĂCĂ̒Cquestion time2–ڂ̎ŁCuSchoenbergƊ֌WȂvƂ˂݁Boř̃^Cg̕قǐB

���e�� hatsuru : 17:46 | �g���b�N�o�b�N

X-TET + Colloquia


Thursday, May 26, 2005
Director Mwata Bowden presents a CD release compilation concert, centering on exciting performances and compositions spanning the group's decade of existence. Celebrate ten years of "getting a groove on" with the Jazz X-tet!
Fulton Recital Hall, 8 pm, Free

āC{́CAdvanced AccountingHomeworkÎŁC eB~XƃJm[Hׂɍsi΁jF

 Friday, May 27, 2005
Now at McGill University, distinguished alumnus Caplin specializes in the theory of musical form. He speaks on "Schoenberg's 'Second Melody,' or 'Meyer-ed' in the Bass: Toward a Theory of Bass Melody."
Fulton Recital Hall, 3:30 pm

O҂́C@ñrbOoh\ŁCŵ̃oĥŁCr͂̕܂BĂėBC DrumƃQXgłĂvTenor Sax (+ Bug Pipe)Ƃ͏肾B


҂́C\ʔBy_paperĂ̂͂ɍ\̂CƂ̂Bf\z i{̃oG[VWJj܂܂ȋ̗Ⴊ̃fŐł邩CƂXebv𓥂ނƂ́C ̑OGreifEcon HistȂǂƎ菇ĂB͈ĂC AJf~bNɍl@Ƃ͎@͎Ă̂ȂB

Ȃ݂ɁCb𕷂ȂCSchoenberg͂قƂNJ֌WȂ[CƎvĂCĂ̒Cquestion time2–ڂ̎ŁCuSchoenbergƊ֌WȂvƂ˂݁Boř̃^Cg̕قǐB

���e�� hatsuru : 17:46 | �g���b�N�o�b�N


telephone survey

̖CdbĂāCZ[XƎvĂƂĂ݂CUofC Hospital炾BHC10قǂ̃AP[gɓė~ƂB

Rasinski̎Ƃquestionnaire̍wł邱ƂāC̃NGXgɓ•ԎʼnBȂ݂ɁCtelephone surveýCʁCresponse rateɒႢB̃P[X̏ꍇCUofC HospitalƂlegitimacytĂ邩CP邩ȂǁCłႢ낤ȂCƔfB


UofC Hospitalƌ΁Cfollow up̗\肾doctorconflict of scheduleƂăLZĂ̂ŁCēx\邽߂ɓdbĂ݂CSRXPW[ȂBuJulyvƌĂȂł傤ƁCʂdoctorɑウĂāCƂƂɂȂBschedulel܂肷...

���e�� hatsuru : 06:38 | �g���b�N�o�b�N


Festival of Nations!

The Annual Festival of Nations 2005 at the I-House!


Japan table:

Roll cakes and Goshiki-Mame:

The Singapore group served Hainan Jeefan, which was better than mine. Ok, I'll try next time...

���e�� hatsuru : 06:39 | �g���b�N�o�b�N


too easy



���e�� hatsuru : 16:28 | �g���b�N�o�b�N


This weekend


Saturday, May 14, 2005


This concert centers on two early Romantic masterworks: Schubert's "Unfinished" Symphony No. 8 in B Minor, D. 759, two movements of unearthly beauty; and Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op. 64, with Northwestern University student Jessica Hung as soloist. Andrew Koehler conducts.

Fulton Recital Hall, 8 pm, Free

LȂ΂̃x^ȑIȂǁCǂłBViolin Concerto𕷂̂͋vԂ肾Ȃ... Cǵu`C`C`v炨݂̃fBoǁCŁCsoloist玊ߋŕ̂ł́C͂蔗͂ႤB莝DłB

���e�� hatsuru : 11:02 | �g���b�N�o�b�N




IƂɁCuKorean storeɔoɍsNꏏɍsl`vƂ[эł̂ŁCAčsĂ炤BVietnamese towngrocery͍sƂ邯Korean͏߂āBChina towngrocery͏̂ł܂sCȂB

3333 N.KimballɂChicago FoodsƂgrocerýCChicagoߕӂ̃GXjbNgrocery̒ł͍őł͂ȂCƂʍLi~cGXjbNɊ܂߂Ȃ~c̕LǂjBǂC݂ȃnOI@ǂ߂ȂCȂCƔߖ‚グȂ猩ڂŔfB\{ŐHׂHiuĂBC~cSRBőƂ܂QbgBz~ǁCƃV{ĈȂBuqGr͌\̂BƁCނƓĖLxBHׂƂ͂...
ӂƗ˂‚̂ŁClɂ͂Ȃ݂́uˁvvoCQbgBmR`WĂ̂KvȁCƎv‚‚CǂꂪR`WȂBnO\LȂ̂ŁBdȂ̂ŁCp̐\Lł‚Bʂɂ钆ŁCRed Pepper PasteBlack Beans PasteɊ{Iɕ邱Ƃ𔭌BBlack Beans Pasteɂ́ChqĂȂ̂ŁChȂ^_̖X낤CmR`WĐhȂHƍlC͗ƂBɁCRed Pepper PasteĂƁCޗFlourĂ̂ƓĂȂ̂ƂCO҂̕Ƃ𔭌B͑ʍ܂ȁCƔfāChq{ĕI[̂̂QbgB... ǂ炱łĂ炵iQƂ̂jB


���e�� hatsuru : 07:06 | �R�����g (2) | �g���b�N�o�b�N


Natalie Mann


Saturday, May 7, 2005

Natalie Mann, Soprano

"Rare Treasures" - Mann and pianist Matthew Ganong perform songs by Reinecke, Tosti, Rachmaninoff, Canteloube, Mahler, and Hayden Wayne. This concert is sponsored by Irmgard Hess Rosenberger in honor of her father Alfred Hess (1868-1927), former concertmaster of the Frankfurt Philharmonic Orchestra.

Fulton Recital Hall, 8 pm, Free

vXɉ̂́Bintermissionł́CȎ҂{l(Hayden Wayne)oꂵĉtB

���e�� hatsuru : 05:24 | �g���b�N�o�b�N


midterm season

{GW炵ǁCUofCł́CT痈T΂ɂāCSǂǂƉ񂹂ĂBmidterm seasonȂ̂łB

܂CyjɁCdowntownŁCaccounting and financial analysis IImidtermBfall quarterȗCvX̃eXgB͂ȂCfinancial accountingaccounting and financial analysis IƂĂȂĂƂȂBCO̔ӂ́CߑO1܂ŕKĂǁB


Saturday, April 30, 2005


"Spring Forth!" - The exuberance of the season explodes in Beethoven's playful, buoyant Symphony No. 2 in D Major, Ravel's evocative impressions of the spirit of Spain in Rapsodie Espagnole, and Arturo Marquez's nostalgic and sensuous Danzon No. 2 (1994), a nostalgic and sensuous dance that begins slowly and accelerates throughout. Barbara Schubert conducts.

Mandel Hall, 8 pm, $10 adults, $5 students


āC̗[CLaLondeProblem SetɎgŁCɂȂĂƏIBregression͑債ƂȂ񂾂ǁCƂĂCdummyčŏ̑ł݂ʓ|F
lm(formula = I(log(wage)) ~ school + I(aged - school - 6) + I((aged -
school - 6)^2) + tenure + I(race == 1) + I(race == 2) + I(urban ==
1) + I(urban == 2) + I(urban == 3) + I(region == 1) + I(region ==
2) + I(region == 3) + I(married == 1) + I(married == 2) +
I(married == 3) + I(married == 4) + I(sex == 1) + I(occup ==
1) + I(occup == 2) + I(occup == 3) + I(occup == 4) + I(occup ==
5) + I(occup == 6) + I(occup == 7) + I(occup == 8) + I(occup ==
9) + I(occup == 10) + I(occup == 11) + I(occup == 12))
Min 1Q Median 3Q Max
-3.486559 -0.243535 0.003588 0.245751 2.414315
Estimate Std. Error t value Pr(>|t|)
(Intercept) 5.351e+00 4.450e-02 120.237 < 2e-16 ***
school 5.939e-02 1.844e-03 32.205 < 2e-16 ***
I(aged - school - 6) 1.983e-02 1.092e-03 18.169 < 2e-16 ***
I((aged - school - 6)^2) -3.936e-04 2.136e-05 -18.431 < 2e-16 ***
tenure 1.513e-02 5.703e-04 26.535 < 2e-16 ***
I(race == 1)TRUE 7.085e-03 2.029e-02 0.349 0.7269
I(race == 2)TRUE -3.800e-02 2.384e-02 -1.594 0.1110
I(urban == 1)TRUE 8.061e-02 1.192e-02 6.763 1.42e-11 ***
I(urban == 2)TRUE 8.545e-02 1.068e-02 8.004 1.32e-15 ***
I(urban == 3)TRUE -1.041e-01 1.158e-02 -8.989 < 2e-16 ***
I(region == 1)TRUE 1.484e-04 1.137e-02 0.013 0.9896
I(region == 2)TRUE -9.326e-02 1.124e-02 -8.297 < 2e-16 ***
I(region == 3)TRUE -1.207e-01 1.087e-02 -11.106 < 2e-16 ***
I(married == 1)TRUE 1.016e-01 1.082e-02 9.395 < 2e-16 ***
I(married == 2)TRUE 1.443e-02 5.530e-02 0.261 0.7941
I(married == 3)TRUE 4.754e-02 2.250e-02 2.113 0.0346 *
I(married == 4)TRUE 9.298e-02 1.484e-02 6.267 3.82e-10 ***
I(sex == 1)TRUE 2.282e-01 8.533e-03 26.738 < 2e-16 ***
I(occup == 1)TRUE 4.868e-01 3.445e-02 14.131 < 2e-16 ***
I(occup == 2)TRUE 4.396e-01 3.487e-02 12.609 < 2e-16 ***
I(occup == 3)TRUE 4.885e-01 3.752e-02 13.018 < 2e-16 ***
I(occup == 4)TRUE 2.035e-01 3.409e-02 5.968 2.47e-09 ***
I(occup == 5)TRUE 2.512e-01 3.368e-02 7.460 9.29e-14 ***
I(occup == 6)TRUE -3.232e-01 5.937e-02 -5.443 5.34e-08 ***
I(occup == 7)TRUE 2.886e-01 4.188e-02 6.891 5.84e-12 ***
I(occup == 8)TRUE -3.330e-02 3.394e-02 -0.981 0.3265
I(occup == 9)TRUE 3.402e-01 3.385e-02 10.052 < 2e-16 ***
I(occup == 10)TRUE 2.058e-01 3.475e-02 5.922 3.26e-09 ***
I(occup == 11)TRUE 2.171e-01 3.678e-02 5.903 3.68e-09 ***
I(occup == 12)TRUE 7.927e-02 3.716e-02 2.133 0.0329 *
Residual standard error: 0.4036 on 11781 degrees of freedom
Multiple R-Squared: 0.4996, Adjusted R-squared: 0.4983
F-statistic: 405.5 on 29 and 11781 DF, p-value: < 2.2e-16

łCLaLondeɎEӂ̂́Cdata cleaningB܂Cutop/bottom1%‚cleanvƌĂققƏƂC̖ŁułCɁCׂłȂ̂܂܂Ă邩ȂBS`FbNBv


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Harris Photo

LaLonde̎ƒCʐ^BeĂBƁĈCHarris School̃ptbgWebsiteɁCuꂪHarris̎ƕiIvƂŖl̎ʂʐ^ڂĂ܂Ȃ...

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Senior Ricital

ĂDep. of MusicV[YB

Sunday, April 24, 2005

SENIOR RECITAL: William C. White

White conducts Copland's Suite from Appalachian Spring (1944), Schubert's Octet in F Major, D. 803, and the premiere of his B.A. composition Fantasy on "Les Folies D'Espagne," a work that draws on composers as diverse as Purcell, Tchaikovsky, and Schnittke.
Fulton Recital Hall, 5 pm, Free

UofCgraduateƎvWhiteȂ̎iwjBprogram notes"an experiment in polystylism"ƂƂCȊ̌㉹yłƂȂ...

Aaron Copland: Suite from Appalachian Spring
Franz Schubert: Octet in F Major, D.803
ƑBSchubert́̕CoctetȂ̂12li1VnE2VnEVlaECelԂĵʼnłȂƎvĂC{ɂoX̂ƁCCSO(Chicago Symphony Orchestraj̃o[3lĂ̂ŁCꏏɉt邱Ƃw̋アCƂ̔zBǂCSOo[3ĺC1VnEVlaECelɓĂ悤ǁCڂ̑OŒeĂCel̐ĺCmɓ”ď肾B

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Colloquia @ Dep. of Music

vXɁCDepartment of MusiccolloquiaV[Y𕷂ɍsĂ܂F
U of C Music Department

Friday, April 22, 2005


Early music scholar and visiting faculty member Bent presents the Lurcy Lecture, "Memento mei: Polyphonic Music in some 15th-century Commemorations for the Dead." Bent is a fellow at All Souls College of Oxford University.


́CDep. of MusicColloqiaV[Yɂ́C͂‚y݂BlectureIreception̂ǁCꂪ\si΁jBɂDep. of Music̊wł邩̂悤ȐUĐHׂċÂłBj[̖͑񓯂iƂĂ܂2jŁC

- eB~XCJm[iGod FatherŁC"Leave the gun, take the canorri"ƏoÁj

- Abv^gC`RuEj[Cu[x[XNGA

- oQbgɃbcA{oW{g}g

- X̃I[uC`[Y2iЕ̓bcAjC}bV[̃K[bNEI[uICErlK[CT~ƃnivV[gƂ̂ɁCcOȂႤBɂjCg}gCny[j̃sNX

- ʕR

- C

- r[

- \tghN

Ƃ悤ɁCȂC^AŠyHԁBPiccolo Mondo肩璲BĂ̂낤H@ɃAJȃ`RuEj[u[x[XNGAȂ񂩂̂ǁC͔āC\{lD݂ȉ₩Ȗ̃eB~XƃAbv^gi2‚͖{ɍsjCɉ̃C^AOFAeBpXg𒆐SɑHׂ܂íC[тȂjBT̂ŁCNꏏɏ荞ށH :-)

advanced financial accounting̗\KÎŁCӂ́CdowntownbluesɍsB͌Ń|[g܂B

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Hospitalization Bill

UofC HospitalCbillĂĂBJĂ݂āCWooooooow!

v$18,704C200~BVԂ1䔃BAJ̈Ô͍Ɨǂ邯ǁCmɂ̒ʂB2N̊COsیƂĕ̂20~ƂC1ŁuvƂɂȂB߂CTokyo Marine! ̓ėsł́CimmunizationĂs܂BƂĂCimmunizationɕی͂̂낤H



���e�� hatsuru : 07:10 | �g���b�N�o�b�N



Canti-biotics܂Ȃ΂ȂȂŌ̓B́CChicago Department of Public Health莆Ă̂ŁCtH[Abv̓dbBinfectious diseaseȂ̂ŁCgh߂ɁC񍐋`炵BōČ̕Kv邩C5̑2TɂȂreminder̓dbCƌꂽǁCǂ5UofC HospitalɃtH[Abv̒ʉ@1KvCOKɂȂ悤C‚悤BɒljŁĆCUofC HospitalC@̏ɂ‚Ăsurvey͂ĂB傤ǁCpublic policyłƂĂRasinski"Survey Questionnaire Design"̂Ki΁jB


1. ŏ̍́CMexicoChicagőCi30x߂jɂ镗ׂƎvĂBh{ƂĎƍlC39x̔MƓɂɂ炸CxgiHׂɍŝ̎i΁jBꏏɍsl̐ĺCƖlMƓɂĂ邱ƂɋCtȂ͂B

2. Ƃ낪MȂ̂ŁCA^̉ȁCƍln߂邯ǁCA^̉Ȃ1TԒxŎRBʓ|a@sȂĂCquarterJn̍ŏ1TԂ͂ȎƂɏoĂ݂ėlqCƂ̏T̊ԒCMƓɂ䖝B

3. T̏I肠肩CɂЂǂĉɂȂ̂‚炭Ȃ̂ŁCWalgreenɍsāC"Pain remover and Fever reducer"Ƒ肳ꂽ𔃂ĂĖCQOɈł݂...CȂB_B{玝ĂBufferinł݂BB΂炵BȂ݂ɁCŁCUofC Hospitalł̖fɁCBufferinƌĂʂCႠƁCuE肿EvƐĂ݂ǒʂȂBdȂ̂ŁC"Fever reducer and Pain remover, which I brought from Japan"ƐB

4. jCŏ1TԂ̎ƂSĕIđ̂̊G‚ݏIBCԂĔMƓɂ͂ЂǂȂB߂āCCiJ1 VISÁCی`ÂĂjɓdbBgChicagoAXAɉ񂳂ꂽCu߂UofC Hospitalg܂vƂ̂ŕĂBiȂ15炢ŒǁCɓɂЂǂ30߂Btaxiĝ͂΂炵Ȃ񂾂ǁB

5. jȂ̂ŁCRCʊO͋󂢂ĂȂBAXAɂERCƌāCuςChicagoȂERȁ[vƎv‚CERBƂ낪CERƁCȂNurseɁCułO͈҂ɂ肽̂ERɗ񂾁vƐq₳CuējER󂢂ĂȂiOC΂[jvƉⓚBɁCی`FbN̂ƂŁCuȂInsurance Policyɂ͘A悪ĂȂgȂvƂȂ茾CułCEAXA͑S‚ČĂvƉⓚĂCîƂAXAu̐l̎ÔS܂vƂFAXāCʉ߁B

6. ҍł́CȂ҂BĂāCafirican americanٗlɍ̂ɂƂтBĂ΂ēāCaBMexicosĂ瑽̑virusɂĂ񂾂ƎviủvƂPmȂ̂ʼn肭ǂjCƌCGDTƂ̐l𒲂ׂ邽߂̌tBˊ4{炢̂ꂽBȂ݂ɁC˂̃eNjbŃC{̈ҁEŌwɔׂƌ\BɂЂǂ̂ŁCu܂ł̐lōň̓ɂvƑiiقږ{jC򎝂ĂĂāCł݂ꔭœɂB[CWalgreen̓_B

7. CʎɈڂB̂ŁC7߂ȂCu[тǂ悤vȂǂƂ̂񂫂ɍln߂B̈҂ƔN̍҂ĂāC悤ȂƂ𕷂ĂBǂCsȂ̂Cťʂo܂ŎԂ̂B̕ӂŁCӒ̂ƂappendixƂ̂ƒmBƂ킢ȃl[~OB

8. Ȃ錟̂߂ɁCgQB炵Bxbĥ܂܉^΂BC^΂ꂽ́CCT ScanI@񐶂܂ď߂ĂȂ̂łƊƂƂɁCAXAuÔS܂vFAXĂ邩ƂāCȃb`ȋ@BgẮHƕsɂȂBCNurse̊Ⴂ炵i΁jBʂ̃gQɍĈړāCp`B

9. ̂肩C⋋̂߂̓_HJnBidiarrheaƂBƌȂB΁jŐƂɂȂ炵BʏȂC_HJnƌオ͂Ȃ̂Ɂitʂ邩jCSオȂiہCō90OBíC110O゠ĵŁCu‚͑̓̐SRȂvƂƂɂȂāČCpIɓ_HBu⋋vƌĂǁC_HĂ܂Ă݂ƁCہC̐HB1L̑܂Č24ԂŁCق10{iIj_H邱ƂɂȂB

10. 9ɂȂĂAĂȂ̂ŁCu͔܂肩ȁC̒9LaLondeApplied Econometrics IICo邩ȁ[vȂǂƂ܂̂񂫂ɍlBƂ낪ČCICUɈړBuMexicoAĂJapaneseC̕s̕aCɂĂ̂ŁCgh߂ɁCICU֊uvƂ̂ƁBuCinfectious disease̐ƂsŁCijjɋAĂ̂ǁCO̕aČsBƂ肠ĈЂǂɂ́ĈɐȂȂĂ邩甭Ă̂ŁC񂪂_HBvƐB

11. ɁCߑO2ɂȂāC̃Je[e"procedure"B⋋{тƂ̃XeChܓCƐB̍CL炵̂悤3{_HE˗p̊ǂoĂԂɂȂBɁCr1{“_Hp̊ǁB؂ȂBȂ݂ɁCɌsBɁCR̒˂BČCމ@܂6Ԃʂ̃y[Xő̂ǁCÖ˂łȂāCؓ˂Ȃ̂Ō\ɂB

12. ijCu΂ȁ[CLaLonde̎ƏoȂȁCǂ悤[vȂǂƂ̂񂫂ɍlB낼MD{w̏Wc̏CƂCů҂ɂǂÂĂ邩vƂƂ̐ɉĂBLŘbĂ񂾂ǁCەBȂ݂ɁCu[hȂ̂ŁCĂĺC݂ȃ}XNƎ܁BsǁCߌɂ͊ǂ̐ƂAĂCߌ2̉főCƐB

13. ƂɂɁB@Ƃ͗\zĂȂ̂ŁCĂĂȂBTV́CЂ烍[}@S̃j[XJԂĂāCOBNurseDoctorƁu@Ȃė\zĂȂOˁCCNN[}@΂Ń_vȂǂƉbiȂ݂ɁClsitcom͍DłȂjBNapartmentɍsĖ{ƂĂĂ炨ƎvǁCdbԍȂBCƎv‚āCI-Houseɓ`cI-HousȅZlɗĂ炤ƂlB

14. ߌ2ɂȂǁCDoctorȂBamericanȁ[CƎvȂ҂ĂƁCߌ4ʂɁCtlĂāCuȂ̌t̕s(uncofirmed)̃oNeAꂽBꂪvƐB

15. 1ԈʂĂCẗcĂB"Congratulations! Now we do not need masks!"ƁC}XNȂBԔNȈtCuinfectious disease̐ƂBɂ͑vBaɂ‚Ă͕HvƌĂ̂ŁCu1Ԃ炢OɗtCunconfirmed bacteriat猩‚CƌĂǁvƓCuC܂unconfirmedi񂽂łƂHjCaMexicoƂƂlƁCCTyphoid FeverBkAJł̔Ǘ͒Ⴍ1ɂȂ̂ŁCȂ񂾁B́CTyphoid Fever𒼐ڃ^[Qbgɂanti-bioticsg悤ɂ邩CIɎÂłBICUʕaɈڂvƐB

16. ƌCoāC̒PCCUofC̃lbg[NɃANZXł邩Ă݂BUofC̃lbg[NɃANZXł΁CWebmailhelp me!̘ABCDoctorOCŎgĂCƌĂꂽ̂ŁC[Bׂ̌(Biology)ŌĂT񂪂ɋ삯‚ĂꂽBbL[BɁCI-HouserHƂAāCapartment{PCƂĂĂ炤BƂ͏dȂ̂B܂CUBS̎fĂ̂ŁCϐBCUBSpitcher̒ōōƎvCarlos ZambranoiԂႤjr~‚ǁCLeeHRł肵14_炢ƂĉBNurseCuCUBSĂ邩猳CɂȂ̂HvƂ炩B

17. ̌CʕaɈړBpEŽB͂邩DowntownSears TowernBƑOClUofCprofessorłCƂƂĂƂƁCŏAXÁuÔS܂vFAXĂ̂ƎvBDҋBCƐHon߂BʂɈ݂Ƃ킯ł͂Ȃ̂ŁCSʂ̐HB

18. ΗjɂȂƁC̃[lɗĂB肪Ɓ[BHCʔƂɁCɃj[V[gnāC̍DȂ̂RɑIԂƂłVXeɕύXB΂炵BȂ̓{̕a@ł́CȂBMɂ~܂āC~܂Č110Oň肵n߁Canti-bioticšʂvm炳B

19. Ƒމ@ĎƏoȂƂȁ[CƎvĂCƖؗjɂȂdischargeBrCAXAɓdbC܂@ĂƂ͍lĂȂāCS҂ȂĂB^_ׂ̕ƎvĂ炵BmɁCjɓdbƂCS҂́uׂ̕ł傤vƌĂ̂ɑ΂Ćuׂ1TԈȏMƓɂ͂͂ȂBƕ׈ȊOvƎ咣Ă͂ǁBf\͂̂ȂS҂ȂBیxɂ́CÏ̊JKvƂƂŁĈ߂̓ӏɃTCFAXBŁCˑRa@̕یS҂aĂāu͂Ȃ̌lیЂɊJȂBیЂƌ‚Ăvƕ匾ĂȂǁC߂ǁCxAXAɓdbBǂAɎႢ炵B

20. ؗjC҂Ƙbđމ@OKƂƂɂȂ̂ŁCDischargȅށEⳁEtH[Abv̑ł킹IāCđމ@BɖBɗlsĂǁĈ錚‚AHospital\Ă̂ŁCGȍ\ɂȂĂBapartmentɋAāCƂ̐EHׂāCߌ130Rasinski̎ƂɏoȁBɂĂC̓@ŁCÉpɂԏڂȂB

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Amazon recommends

ŋ߉𔃂Ƃ̂Ć݂CAmazon"Recommended for Hatsuru Morita"no. 1́CȖ{肷B

Bayesian Data Analysis, Second Edition

2. The Company of Strangers : A Natural History of Economic Life
3. R for Bioinformatics
4. S Programming
5. The Stag Hunt and the Evolution of Social Structure

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spring quarter


- LaLonde: Applied Econometrics II
- Rasinski: Survey and Questionnaire Design
- Diamond/Zingales: Theory of Financial Decisions III
- Bens: Accounting and Financial Analysis II

Ƃ킯ŁCHarris(public policy)PhDR[X2CGSBPhDR[XMBAR[X1‚BPhDR[X3‚̂ŁC\workload͂‚Bmethodology quarterƂɂȂĂBǁCSociologýCSassen͑OɏRŃ{cCR搶Diamond/ZingalesƔԂ‚邵quarter͂܂萔ĂȂ̂Ń{cCEthonographic Method͑̂ƂłȂȂ̂Ń{cCƑSRƂȂƂɂȂBŃCSociɂ`W悤...

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going home


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- gѓdb
- l]VXe
- hA


l]VXéC\̂BƂCw̎ƂevaluationVXeƓŁCICUoŌ̎ɁCfloor managerāCuǂnurseǂāCǂnurseHvƕĂBŖlǂ邩ŁCނ̍肪ςĂ񂾂˂BVrAȂB


ɁCICUregular unitɈڂĂClaCƂ̂ŁCl̊wCP̌o߂ƍׂɗB҂ƂāĈɂ͐ϋɓIɏĂ̂ǁCɉlgUŗƂƑρB

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From Sunday, I have been in the UofC hospital. I am diagnosised as a special type of fever and will be staying here for a few more days.

First, I went to ER (<- it's Chicago!) and then was moved to ICU. Today I am being trannsferred to regular unit. This means the day I can go home is not so long.

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wandering around the campus

Ƃ킯ŁC܂HarrisSurvey and Questionnaire Design𕷂ɍsCɁCCobb HallEthnographic Method𕷂ɍsĂ܂B

Questionnaire DesigńCPhDR[XƎvCłȂāCHarrismasterR[X\ĂBɁCmȂ̂ǁCPsychologyƂ̍ƂȂ̂ŁCPsychoPhDȂ肢BoĂĖʔ̂ŁCprofessoriNORCŁCSocial PsychologyjɃ[OXgւ̓o^肢BuLaw SchoolauditłvƌCu‚͑z‚ȂBvƏ΂ĂBǂ̊wC{IɁC肽survey subjectĂāCimplementɋĂBlCĂ݂questionnaire survey2̂ŁC傤ǂR[XB

‚Cobb HalĺCʁCAO(undergraduate)̎Ƃs錚ŁCgraduate student͂܂藧ȂB̃R[X́CPhDR[X(Soci)Ȃ̂ŎQ҂graduatê͂BCɓĂттBٗlɎႭfemale ratioi60%HjBŏɎȏЉĕǁCsociology̑CSSÅwƂĂĂłȂfemale ratioȂBCR[Xe̐𕷂ĂāCuoCquarter͑̂ƂłȂȂvƔ߁C؂邱ƂɌfBethnographýCChicago Sociology̗LȒ̈‚ł͂Ȃ̂ǁB

PS. ߌ450݁C̉38.4CBƉB͗ǂȂ悤...

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spring quarter

jn܂spring quarterɉƂ낤ƂƐFXlĂāĈ݂Ƃ̗\F
- Applied Econometrics II by Laronde: Public Policy
- Survey Questionnaire Design by Rasinski: Public Policy
- Law and Policy Making by Sullivan: Public Policy
- Theory of Financial Decisions III by Daimond/Zingales: GSB
- Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance by Marciano: GSB
- Japanese Society: Functional/Cultural Explanations by Yamaguchi: Sociology
- Ethnographic Methods by McRoberts: Sociology
肩ȁB@_ɕ΂ĂBSullivanMcRoberts͐؂”\傾Cyjdowntown GSBō͂vX邩ȂBJ~ȂCRoad BikeGleacher Center܂ōs邾낤BS̓IsociologynɂĂ悤ɂ݂邯ǁCR搶́Csociology̋UofC̒łCn̑l҂炵̂ŊҁB

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Department of Music

CƔhq̑eł̂ŁCꑧ‚U of C Music DepartmentɍsĂ܂B傤

Monday, March 7, 2005
Lauded by György Ligeti as "the leading performer of contemporary piano music," Aimard shares his thoughts on performance before his concerts with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Ƃ̂Ă̂ŁB130XƌꂽƂƁCBoulez̃sAm\i^interpretationB㉹yȂlԂɂ͂Â炢̂ĈǂړIBoulezȂCƂƁiɊւނ̉߁jĂ܂BDowntownɂMuseum of Cotemporary ArtǁC͉̎̂̂Ȃės\CƂƂvm炳܂BSRtbVɂȂĂȂi΁jBAimardgCu߂BoulezɂӂꂽƂ́CSłȂČCZ~i[Ō肵Ă񂾂񕪂ĂvƌĂB

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vanity fair

́CvXDOC filmɍsāCfĂ܂BThackerayVanity Fair̉f扻iB΂΃gXgC̐푈ƕaƑΔ䂳19IǁCi|Iɓݍr炳ĂȂCMXł́C܂h}ȂBVAMoscowiłĂHj܂Ńi|Iɓݍ܂Ă邵CtX{͂ǂ񂿂񑛂̖{̂Les miserableŝ悤ȍi܂BɔׂƁCi|IzȂh[o[C̐ɂCMX́Č̎ɂđΓIɐÉ̂ȂCƊĂ܂iCoĎl͏ojB
܂CVanity FairƂ^Cg炵āCThackeray̕`ốĈƂ͕ʂ̂Ƃɂ̂낤C͂ł̂B
Ȃ݂ɁCReese Witherspoon...CRg͂߂ĂB

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Public Policy School

quarterɂ́CHarris School (public policy)̃R[Xu悤ƎvĎɗׂ̌ɓĂ݂Cx̌ƁBƁCUofCō̃Rs[^[ɈꏏɓĂ̂ŃGgX`FbN̂B

͂ƂƂāCPublic Policy SchoolC{Ōuw@vƂ͑SRႤBƂ7炢economicsŁC3Cpsychology, sociology, political scienceB{̌w@CŵŁCɌ@n̂Ƃ͑傫ႤBuāvƂƂlCAJ^̕R̍\Ǝv̂ǂȂB̂ƂJDwɁC

"In Japan, public policy school is not a place to study policy making. Traditionally, law departments in Japan have law professors and political science professors. While law schools were introduced in 2004 and law professors went there, there is no place for political science professors in law schools. So public policy schools were introduced for them. Terrible reason!"

ƐCn󂯂đ΂ĂB CꂪB̐ł͂ȂāCu{̊́CeconomicsmȂĂĂł邩CʂɌw@ŋKv͂ȂvƂłB

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OI museum 6



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OI museum 5


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OI museum 4


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OI museum 3


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OI museum 2

́Cqb^Cg̏XtBNXBqb^Cg-> SƁCȂĎł悭oĂ̂ƎvB

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OI museum 1

Oriental Institute MuseumɍsĂ܂B

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Folk Fes

́CIda NoyesŁCN1xUofC Folk FestivalĂ܂F
University of Chicago Folk Festival

Ȃ݂ɁCƋCɂȂ̂́CAJ̗jmȂŃAJ̗j̉fƂ{l̑ƁBCʂ̃RfBłW[N̂ǁCႦ΁CForrest GumṕCAJjmĂ{ʔCMartin ScorseseGangs of New YorkC܂IrelandږvWASP̑ΗmĂȂƗłȂiŐ̂Ă̂ƂCendingU2̉̂̂̂CƂjBق̂ƂmƎv̂ǁB

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TCInternational House of ChicagoɏZłUofCMathematics̐l{ɋAƂ̂ŁCdinnerɘAčsĂ̂ǁiꂪChicago KalbijC̐lC܂܁Cl̒wZ̓̂Ƃ悭mĂ܂BԂ͋B̖l̓́Cw҂ŁCwIsbNɃ`WĂicOȂœ{\IjCX[p[ȁuVˌnv̂‚łB̂͂ɂƁC̓̈ɂ߂‚̂CƂȂ̂ȂB

Ȃ񂾂CwƈāuvȂĂ̂͂蓾Ȃ񂾂ˁBplausibleǂłāCplausibleȃf㐢ɐcĂB̈Ӗł́CނȂ̂ȂBłCȂƌCwāCj[g͊w͑ΐ_̐Eł͏Cꂴ𓾂Ȃiless plausiblejCwāCʂ̌nŐĂ܂phbNXiQ[f̂ƂˁjԂ΂߂ɁC_̂悤ȕʂ̃VXeꂽ肷iŌ̗͂ƐႤʼncjB
ȂCؖ̍@̈ႢȂ񂩂ɂƂꂸCҐȂāCy΂ł̂CƂCɂȂBǂ̕Ă悤ƁCVACfAv‚āCEςƊJCEno. 1ɂȂԁî啔͌ŕʂɐVłȂƂɋCÂĂւނǁj̃nCȋCC҂̐bł傤i򕨒łɎĂHjC@ɂ炸Ɋy΂̂I

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New Site Open



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My old friend!


́CUniversity IDāCfXNPClbg[Nɂ‚Ȃ悤ɂ΁CɂȂ܂B

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japanese environment


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Just Arrived

I have just arrived at the University of Chicago, after checking in at the OIA.
I have not slept for more than 24 hours, and to make matters worse(?), I have to say hello to lots of people --- beyond my capacity!

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