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Saturday, March 11 6:30, 9:00, 11:30 Elizabethtown Cameron Crowe, 205 123m

Judicious editing transformed Elizabethtown into an endearing gem after its overlong antecedent premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. Orlando Blooms stars as Drew, a shoe designer reeling from a ghastly design failure, the death of his father, and the attendant professional and familial fallout. En route to his father's funeral, Drew meets a flight attendant (Kirsten Dunst) who insists on pulling him out of his funk and making him fall in love with her. Writer-director Crowe (Almost Famous) has created another winning blend of humor and heart.

大好きなAlmost FamousのCameron Croweなので,見に行く予定。

ソスソスソスeソスソス hatsuru : 2006年03月11日 08:40




見てきました。Almost Famousが大好きな人は,あちらこちらにあの作風の流れを感じて,きっと気に入るでしょう。曲の使い方についても,相変わらず,「この曲をここで,そうか〜」とひたすら感心。さすがCameron Crowe。

ソスソスソスeソスソス hatsuru : 2006年03月11日 23:22