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The Merry Widow

Tuesday, February 7 7:00 The Merry Widow Erich von Stroheim, 1925 137m

A radical adaptation of Franz Lehar's classic operetta, Stroheim's version is suffused with bitterness and melancholy. Pretty John Gilbert, as Prince Danilo, falls for sultry Mae Murray, playing the dancer Sally O'Hara. But Danilo's uncle the King orders the lovers to part: she is not noble and cannot marry the Prince. Misunderstanding, Sally thinks that the Prince has fallen out of love, and marries the ultra-wealthy and ultra-lecherous Baron Sadoja. Suddenly, she finds herself not a bride but a widow, and the romantic games begin anew, only this time bearing the weight of the almost unbearable past, and the arch-scoundrel Crown Prince Mirko, played to villainous perfection by Roy D'Arcy, has his own agenda, one which will not allow for the happiness of others.


Winterは,Fallほどみたいプログラムがないので,quarter passは買ってません。

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