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Vail Photos

You can completely plunge into snow because Vail has deep fresh powder snow -- even in flat areas!

Some "most difficult" courses have very narrow trails through woods and, of course, not groomed. Take care because you'll "TAIHA" when you loose control of your skis; but that is where skiing is interesting!

And two beautiful views.

Finally, this is an example of "ghost" and "flare". Both happen when you put the sun into the frame. I'm not sure if KissD and EF-S 17-55 USM is strong against ghost and flare, but this ghost is beautiful, isn't it?

���e�� hatsuru : 2005年12月15日 18:39





���e�� fusa : 2005年12月16日 03:35

I'm not telling a lie :-)

I have two skis, the one is a classic 190cm long and the other is "extreme curving" 120cm ski. Here I'm trying a 170cm normal curving ski. I still prefer the classic type, which you need to put your weight on the edge when you make turns. "Curving" makes me lazy...

���e�� hatsuru : 2005年12月17日 17:16