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on your own risk

When I rented skiing gears yesterday -- of course, I left my ski gears in Sendai execept for the wears --, I had an interesting experience.

As trying to fit the boots to the ski, the guy at the rental shop set the tightness of the bindings to five. When I ski in Japan, I always set my binding to 7 or 8. Five would let the ski go off too often, especially when you ski agressively. So I told him to set the tightness to seven.
Then, he asked me to sign the document, which specified that the binding is set to seven subject to my request. No rental shop in Japan would require such a document. Because tighter binding raises the risk of injury, the shop seemed to avoid the legal risk caused by the tighter binding. I'm not sure if such waiver is effective or not, but the difference of attitude is interesting.

PS. As expected, Vail is really cold -- the high is 20-25F and the low is often negative. But the snow condition is extremely nice and the area is really huge -- it calls itself as "the largest ski resort in North America". You should definitely come here!

���e�� hatsuru : 2005年12月13日 22:05




So you are in Colorado? Can you buy bear in Colorado College for me? It is worth collocating the bear from there, because Acchan, Heckman and Udda (Joji-san's friend) spent their undergrad there. Hummmm....what a weired combination.....!!!!!

���e�� muppy : 2005年12月14日 14:55

I think the only chance is to get one at the Denver airport. I doubt if they have...

���e�� hatsuru : 2005年12月14日 18:48