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during the flight

During the flight from O'Hare to Denver, I was making a power point file, which I am going to use at an lunch presentation of the Japanese Law Association (UofC LS). I seemed to be weird because the people around me, who are GSB studnets, had just finished their finals (I'm coming Vail with the GSB ski club and the group is almost 100 people). As I did in last year, I am asked to make one presentation, which comes in January.

This is what I made tentatively. It is a another version of my "public comment" empirical study -- I changed the regression framework from probit to OLS (LPM), because OLS is easy to interpret. Although LPM has several problems, such as bias, predictions over 1 and under 0, and so on, I have decided that the ease of interepretation comes first when you need to talk before law the law students, who are not familiar with econometrics. Also, I added some regressions of subset of the data, which I believe enhance the understanding of the points. I'd appreciate any comments on the draft. Thanks.

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