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returning back to 'naked' html + MT

Some of the regular viewers of my sites have commented that the former style is more accessible and eye-friendly. So I decided to return to the use of 'naked' html and movabletype. This also makes the RSS feed system of the blog work again.

But there are a couple of modifications:
- the structure of library is hierarchically reconfigurated
- the former 'MISC' page is gone; instead, new phpBB BBS system, which utilizes the MySQL database (newly installed to the law.tohoku server!), is installed; please access from the 'FORUM' link
- some anti-spam features are newly installed to the movabletype and phpBB system

Any discussion can be posted to the new BBS system.

The followings are part of my 'TODO' list:
- to implement a RSS-feed system to the main page
- to implement file-attachement mod to phpBB (the one available now is not for phpBB ver 2.0.16)
- to search for a 'lighter' blog engine than movabletype

Again, I'd greatly appreciate your helpful comments on contents and site-management.

���e�� hatsuru : 2005年07月07日 10:05




I've added the file-attachment feature to the BBS.

���e�� hatsuru : 2005年07月18日 16:26

I've added the RSS-feeding feature to the main page.

���e�� hatsuru : 2005年07月25日 15:25