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Senior Ricital

再びDep. of Musicシリーズ。

Sunday, April 24, 2005

SENIOR RECITAL: William C. White

White conducts Copland's Suite from Appalachian Spring (1944), Schubert's Octet in F Major, D. 803, and the premiere of his B.A. composition Fantasy on "Les Folies D'Espagne," a work that draws on composers as diverse as Purcell, Tchaikovsky, and Schnittke.
Fulton Recital Hall, 5 pm, Free

UofCのgraduateと思われるWhiteが自作曲の自演(指揮)。program notesに"an experiment in polystylism"とあるとおり,ぎぎぎな感じの現代音楽でちょっとなぁ...

Aaron Copland: Suite from Appalachian Spring
Franz Schubert: Octet in F Major, D.803
と続く。Schubertの方は,octetなのに12人(1Vn・2Vn・Vla・Celがだぶる)いるので何でかなと思っていたら,倍にした方がバランスがいいのと,CSO(Chicago Symphony Orchestra)のメンバーが3人来ているので,一緒に演奏させることが学生の教育上いい,との配慮だそう。どうやらCSOメンバー3人は,1Vn・Vla・Celに入っていたようだけれど,目の前で弾いていたCelの人は,確かに頭一つ抜けて上手だった。

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ソスソスソスeソスソス けんけん : 2005年04月25日 18:31

本人のProgram Notesによると:

Fantasy on "--" is a summation of many of the compositional techniques and procedures that have interested me for several years, but it is particulary an experiment in polystylism. This term was more or less invented by the Russian composer Alfred Schnittke to describe music in which the meaning of different sections is enhanced by composing within historical styles. The goal is to combine them to create new syntactic structure and meanings.


i. introduction

ii. variations on the folk tune "La Folia"that progresses through several historic styles

iii. waltz that is inspired by Johann Strauss Jr., but also includes Impressionist-style harmonies

iv. fugue based on "La Folia". the term "fugue"is used in a very different manner than is customary. this section creats a jarring and unpredictable rhythmic texture.

v. "La Folia" theme returns in a distorted, full orchestral form, with odd pitch alterations.

となっていて,確かにいろんなもの放り込んでいるみたいです。というのは,聞いていて「今ここだな」ということ以外は分からなかった ^^;

ソスソスソスeソスソス hatsuru : 2005年04月26日 06:40