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というわけで,レジュメ(というかmaterial)作りました(Download file)。オプションであるということを強調すると,話が面倒になるので,その辺は適当にごまかして話を進める予定。細かい解釈論よりも,日本のコーポレート・ガバナンスにおいて,企業買収がどのような役割を果たすのか,という点の方が中心テーマなので。ちなみに,最終のshort paper課題はこんな感じ:

Take one topic on "corporate governance" from what we discussed [or will discuss] in the seminar and write a critique or synthesis, using your readings from the seminar for the analysis.
You should take the opportunity when thinking through and writing the paper to review the seminar's readings to see their relevance to your discussion. It would not be a bad idea to integrate something from most weeks to show that you have mastered the themes in the seminar. Although no outside work is expected, please feel free to ask me for additional readings, if you consider you need them. When I give advices, the proposed additional materials will be posted on the chalk site for everyone's access.


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