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City of Ljubljana again, this time under daylight. The Dragon bridge (again :-):

Views from my hotel room:

The National Gallery and the Servian Orthodox Church:

Tivoli Park:

Slovenian political area, the Roman wall, and a street near Krizanke:

French Revolution trg, and the University of Ljubljana (and its inside!):

The Holy Trinity Church and its inside:

The Ljubljana river:

The Franciscan Church and the Triple Bridge:

From the Triple Bridge to the City Hall:

The Cathedral:

The Dragon Bridge, the Cobbler Bridge, and Trubarjeva cesta:

Climbing up to the Castle, when we saw the sunset:

Views from the Ljubljana Castle (north/west/south). As you see, Ljubljana is located in the center of a basin, which made Ljubljana a trade and transportation center since the Roman era:

Finally, the southside. The Trnovo Bridge, an impressionist(Monet or Pisaro?)-like scenary, and Krizanke:

Ljubljana Railway Station and Ljubljana Airport. I was surprised that there is free wireless LAN access at the airport!