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October 7, 2008

●time flies


You’re Having Fun When Time Flies: The Hedonic Consequences of Subjective Time Progression
Aaron M. Sackett, Leif D. Nelson, Tom Meyvis, Benjamin A. Converse, and Anna L. Sackett


Five studies test the hypothesis that people use subjective time progression in hedonic evaluation. We demonstrate that inducing people to believe that time passed more quickly than expected makes mundane tasks more engaging, noises less irritating, and favorite songs more enjoyable (Studies 1-3). We propose that perceived time distortion operates as a metacognitive cue and that people implicitly attribute it to their enjoyment of an experience (i.e., time flew, so it must have been fun). Consistent with this attribution account, perceived time distortion did not influence enjoyment when the progression of time was made to be unsurprising (Study 3) or when an alternative explanation was provided (Study 4). These findings suggest an important and previously unexplored process through which time perception can influence the subjective enjoyment of experiences.