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Research Institutes 

  • NIRA [www.nira.or.jp]
    National Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA)
  • NLI Research Institute [www.nli-research.co.jp]
    Nissei Kiso Kenkyujo (NLI Research Institute)
  • Nomura [www.nri.co.jp]
    Nomura Research Institute
  • Daiwa [www.dir.co.jp]
    Daiwa Institute of Research
  • Mitsubishi [www.mri.co.jp]
    Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI)
  • Sompo Japan Research Institute [www.sj-ri.co.jp]
    Sompo Japan Research Institute, Inc.
  • JRI [www.jri.co.jp]
    The Japan Research Institute (JRI)
  • Mizuho-IRI [www.fuji-ric.co.jp]
    Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc.


Universities and Research Institutions