Project “Globalization and Nationalism”

“Globalization and Nationalism”

Key questions

  • What accounts for the recent rise of ethnocentric nationalism in many countries around the world?
  • How does the recent rise of ethnocentric nationalism relate to globalization?

Research Purpose and Approach

In recent years, advancing globalization has revealed that lifestyles and values are being shared more and more on a global scale as mutual dependence among people of countries becomes stronger. Throughout the world after the Cold War was concluded, on the other hand, ethnocentric nationalism appears to have grown within each country. Namely, the influence of political powers that advocate the rejection of immigrants, foreign workers and other ethnic groups began to spread within many countries. Violent immigrant/foreigner rejection movements, ethnic conflicts, and even genocides are now occurring. More than a few countries began to pursue more and more foreign policies that depended on the threat-and exercise-of their own military power. And it is indeed a remarkable trend that hostility against people of other countries, including even their neighbors, is gaining strength.

The major purpose of this research project is to find out how and why such ethnocentric nationalism comes to take place in each country, and to identify how this is linked to social change brought about by globalization. In order to solve these problems, the project plans to continue making comparative analysis among Japan, China, Korea, and Europe. We are also thinking of not only looking at political and social conditions in recent years but also carrying out historical analysis and intellectual historical analysis in order to look for a background in which ethnocentric nationalism emerges.

Research Activities

This research project will develop international joint research by researchers from Japan, China, Korea, the United Kingdom, France and Sweden.

To be more specific, we will hold international workshops from time to time at home and abroad while promoting surveys and research in each country. We are also planning to deepen common understanding based on respective achievements. We are thinking of fostering young human resources by encouraging young post doctoral researchers and doctoral students to join such workshops.

As an example, at the Hagi Seminar in 2009, we held an international workshop titled “Political Process of Historical Memories in East Asia” on October 15 and 18, planned by SEO Jungmin (Assistant Professor of the University of Hawaii). We will publish an English book in the next fiscal year based on this achievement. Also, we will hold international workshops at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, in February 2010 and at Tsinghua University, China, in summer of 2011. Furthermore, we will publish a Japanese book and an English book as achievements of this research project completed by young researchers.

The final achievement will be published in Japanese, English and Chinese from FY2010 to FY2011.




Project Leader

OHNISHI, Hitoshi
(GCOE Project Sub Leader)


Professor,School of Law, Tohoku University

Research Fields

International Politics

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Name Affiliated Institution/Organization
HIRATA Takeshi Tohoku University, School of Law (Professor)
YOKOTA Masaaki Tohoku University, School of Law (Professor)
KABASHIMA Hiroshi Tohoku University, School of Law (Professor)
TOZAWA Hidenori Tohoku University, School of Law (Professor)
KIM Suk Hyun Tohoku University, School of Law (Associate Professor)
ANAMI Yusuke Tohoku University, School of Law (Associate Professor)
HAN Dongxue Tsinghua University, Department of Political Science (Professor)
CAO Haijun Tsinghua University, Department of Political Science(Lecturer)
ZHU Andong Tsinghua University, Department of Political Science (Associate Professor)
HE Jianyu Tsinghua University, Department of Political Science (Associate Professor)
CHANG Baoguo China University of Political Science and Law, School of Politics and Public Administration (Professor)
LEE Won-deok Kookmin University, Institute of Japanese Studies (Director)
NAM Ki-Jeong Institute for Japanese Studies, Seoul National University (Associate Professor)
KIM Suk-Yeon Kookmin University, School of International Studies (Lecturer)
Glenn D. HOOK University of Sheffield, School of East Asian Studies (Professor)
Yveline LECLER Institute of East Asian Studies (Institut d’Asie Orientale) (Professor)
Masako IKEGAMI Department of Political Science, Stockholm University (Professor)
SEO Jungmin Yonsei University, Department of Political Science and International Studies (Associate Professor)
SON Key-young

Korea University, Asiatic Research Institute (HK Research Professor)

NAKAMURA Ayako Tohoku University, School of Law, GCOE  (Research Fellow)
JI Meng Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (Researcher)
KIHARA Jun Fukushima National College of Technology (Associate Professor)
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