12/9(Fri),2011 14:30-16:30 GCOE Seminar and 31st Monthly Seminar

(organized by GCOE, co-organized by: Scientific Research B [Overseas], the JSPS, “Gender in Disaster Recovery: An International Comparative Study on Institutional Design and Livelihood Reconstruction” [Project Leader: YAMAJI Kumiko] )(Projects: Tsujimura1)
“Gender and Multicultural Conviviality in the Disaster Area Reconstruction”


  1.  ”The Current Situation of Foreign Women and Need for ‘Cultural Mediation Capability’ in the Disaster Area”
    LEE Sunhee (Assistant Professor, Tohoku University)
  2.  ”Support for Affected People and Roles of Women’s Organizations in Rikuzen-takata City, Iwate, Japan”
    MAKINO Yuki (Assistant Professor, Tohoku University)
  3. “Considering Disaster Area Reconstruction and Empowerment Based on the Experiences of Japan and Taiwan”
    YAMAJI Kumiko (Reseacher, Kwansei Gakuin University, Institute for Reseach of Disaster Area Reconstruction)
  4.  ”Passing down the Experiences of Multicultural Coexistence from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake to the Great East Japan Earthquake: Creating through Radio Programs in Mother Languages”
    KIM Chiaki (Integrated Producer, FMYY)


Room 601, Extended Education & Research Building, Tohoku University Katahira Campus


Flyer (PDF:273KB Japanese version only)

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