3/25(Fri)-3/26(Sat),2011 International Symposium

“Droit, sciences et techniques, quelles responsabilités? (Law, science and technology, what are responsibilities?)” (Projects: Tsujimura1)


TSUJIMURA Miyoko (Professor, Tohoku University)


Palais du Luxembourg (Paris)


On March 25-26, 2011, the network of law, science and technology (Réseau Droit, Sciences et Thechniques) held an international symposium, “Law, science, and technology, what are responsibilities? (Droit, sciences et techniques, quelles responsabilités? ”) at the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris. During the first and the second day’s general session, we discussed the responsibilities of science and politics regarding medical issues, the environment, information, and technologies from a broad perspective. The discussions at the afternoon session of the first day were focused on women’s right to self-determination and issues regarding seeking embryos in assisted reproduction technologies. In France the amendment of bioethics laws were just adopted by the Lower House and sent to the Upper House. Our lively discussions indicated the high concern for the amendment issue. (GCOE Program Leader, Prof. Tsujimura attended the symposium.)

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H23.03.25-03.26 International Symposium(Paris)2H23.03.25-03.26 International Symposium(Paris)1

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