3/5(Sat),2011 10:00-17:00 Commemoration Symposium of International Women’s Day

“Care, International Migration, Gender: Dialogue Between Japan and France” (Projects: Tsujimura1)

(co-organized by GDRE-MAGE-CNRS, “Research Collective on International Migration and Gender”, Bureau français de la MFJ, Institutde recherche UMIFRE 19, Société franco-japonaise des études sur les femmes.
supported by Grants-in-Aid for ScientifiResearch [ScientifiResearch A] « Travailleuses migrantes du care en France, Italie et Allemagne », Institutuniversitaire de France. )


  • ITO Ruri (Professor, Hitotsubashi University)
  • Others


Auditorium, Maison Franco-Japonaise


On March 5, 2011, the Anniversary Conference of the International Women’s Day 2011,  ”Care, migrations internationals et genre –Rencontre franco-japonaise-” (Care, International Migration and Gender –French-Japanese Meeting-) was held at the Maison Franco-Japonaise (Co-hosted by GDRE-MAGE-CNRS, Tohoku University GCOE “Gender Equality and Multicultural Conviviality in the Age of Globalization”, IMAGE, Bureau français de la MFJ, Institut de recherché UMIFRE19, and Société franco-japonaise des études sur les femmes). Six experts from France and six from Japan were invited.

In the morning, Ms. Margaret Maruanin (GDRE MAGE-CNRS) and Prof. Miyoko Tsujimura (Tohoku University) opened the session. Four speakers including Prof. Ruri Itō (Hitotsubashi University) and Prof. Florence Jany-Cartice (Univercité Lille 1 ) then followed under the theme of “Femmes, migrations et care – Comparisons franco-japonaises” (Women, Immigration, and Care –French-Japanese Comparison). In the afternoon session, Ms. Helena Hirata (CRESPPA-GTM-CNRS-MAGE) acted as chair. Five speakers including Prof. Mariko Adachi (Ochanomizu University) and Prof. Pascale Moulinier (Univercité Paris Nord 13) made presentations under the theme of “Globalisation, externalization et travail des femmes” (Globalization, Externalization and Work of Women). These preceded a lively open debate.


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