Cross-National Doctoral Course

Application Requirements for the Doctoral Programme


In our Program’s CNDC, Tohoku University’s School of Law and partner institutions abroad will collaborate to advise students on the doctoral track. Students who enroll in this program will spend their 1st and 3rd years at their home institutions and their second year at the partner school. Upon completion of the 3 year curriculum, they will submit one dissertation (in English) to both schools in order to obtain a doctorate from the two institutions (a joint degree). In the CNDC, participants can choose to complete the entire curriculum in English, allowing students from all over the world to advance their studies and research together.

The Cross-National Doctoral Course (CNDC) has started.

This is a joint doctoral degree program offered by Tohoku University’s School of Law and overseas partner institutions. 9 students began participating in this program in October 2009.

Cross-National Doctoral Course

Advantages of the Cross-National Doctoral Course

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