This GCOE program attempts to present solutions for a broad cross-section of challenges related to gender equality and multicaltural conviviality, and that confront contemporary societies in the face of increasing patterns of globalization. Furthermore, we are committed to cultivating and mentoring young researchers and specialized professionals who may play an active role on the international stage.

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【Announcement】Our GCOE Program Concluded

Due to the conclusion of the GCOE Program in the academic year 2012, our activities including website finished on March 31, 2013.

However, please visit our website again as our website itself will be available on the web.

Many thanks for your support and cooperation.

CNDC Examination Result

For the result of the examination for Fall 2013 held in March 2013, please visit the School of Law website ( [plan to post on April 19, 2013].

3/31(Sun),2013 14:00-17:00 Comprehensive Workshop on the Study of Medical Law

“An Inclusive Study on Regulations and Support of the Legal System in the Life Science Research” (Organized by MIZUNO Project 2)


YANAI Kazuhiko (Professor, Tohoku University)

TAKANO Tadao (Professor, Tohoku University )

KUBONO Emiko (Professor, Tohoku University)


Lecture Room 301, Extended Education & Research Building 3rd Floor, Katahira Campus


Flyer (PDF:141KB)

3/7(Thu),2013 13:00-14:20 GCOE Seminar

“The Policy of  ‘Societalizing Social Welfare’ and Its Impacts on the Emerging Voluntary and Non-Profit Sector in China : A Comparative Study of Social Welfare in China and Japan”


KANDA Fumi (CNDC Student, Tohoku University & University of Sheffield)


Main Conference Room, School of Law Building 3rd Floor, Tohoku University

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Academic Year 2012 GEMC journal no.9 (Japanese)

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